Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man Minimates Confirm Lizard Troopers

MEGABloks let art slips ages ago revealing a set with a SWAT Lizard, begging the question...WTF??!! Now Diamond Select get the go ahead to show off their packaged minimates for The Amazing Spider-Man which show off the dude/lizard/thing in question.

The Amazing Spider-Man movie is still a month off, but Spidey fans will be able to get their hands on great Spidey merchandise as early as next week! That's when Marvel Minimates Series 46 hits comic shops and online retailers, with the movie versions of Spider-Man, Peter Parker and the Lizard, plus exclusive figures of Aunt May, Uncle Ben and some Spidey-hunting SWAT Troops! If that's not enough for you, Spidey and the Lizard will also be showing up soon at Toys "R" Us stores and, along with TRU-exclusive figures of Gwen Stacy, Captain Stacy, Curt Connors and Vigilante Spider-Man! Collect them all, and check out the packaging for both assortments below!

Now from the wording here, we know the SWAT Troops after Spider-Man come across The Lizard and are transformed into lizard creatures themselves. Note: PLURAL CREATURES!! Getting more excited for The Amazing Spider-Man? I know I am.

Check out the Amazing Spider-Man super preview!

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