Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Batman: Dark Knight Rises Character Art

Right out of the gate, Dark Knight Rises is winning the "Superheroes on Screen" battle in the categories of superior sculptures and now, killer teaser posters. Sure, there's no way in holy hell they can hope to top the Avengers box office, but I'm sure they'll take their wins where they can get em'! Yahoo Movies got the scoop on these individual character posters featuring Bane, Catwoman and Batman with some little bits of info dropped along side them like..

Christopher Nolan revealed that the mask that Bane wears is meant to deliver a pain-relieving anesthetic. He explained, "Bane is ravaged by pain from a trauma suffered long ago."

So what happens after "The Legend Ends"? Another reboot? It wouldn't be difficult to just pick up where this film leaves off with a new creative team, hoping beyond hope everyone at Warner Brothers has learned from past success that you should NEVER EVER PUT NIPPLES ON THE BAT SUIT AGAIN. Safe bet, no? I'd also like to beg that the next team consider a Batman with a voice modulator...not a growly voice. Lord, how I despise the growly voice.

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