Friday, May 25, 2012

Hasbro's 6 Inch Avengers Movie Figures

We saw these at New York Comic Con and tried to get an update every month since then, but as that often works out in the toy biz, we didn't hear back or even see pre-orders...til now when the suckers just started showing up in stores! Our excellent customizer buddy Hunter Knight Customs got the drop on a Florida Walmart when a fresh case arrived...which is most likely the only way any of us are going to see a full set of these suckers as Hulk is 1 per is Loki, Hawkeye and Thor. Only Iron Man and Captain America are two per case, so unless Walmart does something crazy like operate as if they want our money and stock these WALMART EXCLUSIVE figures in force, those of us in scalper rich environments will either have to hunt harder or just pretend they don't exist! Sadder still, there is no Black Widow for the set and Hasbro has announced no plans to make one.

HKC says these went for 15.96 a pop, causing him to spring for all but Iron Man, as he was a simple repaint. It took him a trip to 5 different stores to nab this set. He also remarked on favoring the recently purchased Marvel Select Avengers Movie Hulk over the smaller, less detailed Hasbro one and says it is the one moment where "art overpowers points of articulation" for him. I have very similar taste and often try to buy figures within my established scale (6 inch Marvel Legends sized), but when it comes to Hulk, bigger is always better, so Marvel Select wins immediately. Marvel Select is in a 7 inch scale, so only Hulk and the upcoming Chitauri Warrior (aka Loki's Army) should look right with these Hasbro figures.

Notes on the line:

  • This is the only way to get a 6 inch helmetless Loki figure.
  • Thor was shown at NYCC with no sleeves. This one seems to be a completely different figure.
  • Iron Man in this line is NOT a Mark 7 like in the movie.
  • Nick Fury in the images was from the last wave of 6 inch exclusives which included movie versions of Thor, Captain America and a comic version Loki.

HKC also has an excellent Agent Coulson Marvel Universe scaled (which makes him perfect for your 4 inch Avengers) custom figure up for sale on Ebay!

Click here for our images from NY Comic Con! Note that 6 and 4 inch figures are mixed in this collection.
Click here for a look at Hot Toys 12 inch Avengers Movie action figures!

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