Friday, February 2, 2018

Toy Fair 2018: Bandai Back Into Big Hero 6

Toy Fair 2018 Bandai Big Hero Six Animated Series Toy Line
BAYMAX RETURNS!! I don't know about you, but I was crazy excited to watch the return of Baymax and Big Hero 6 on Disney XD last year in an animated TV movie heralding the coming of the cartoon series this month. The art was excellent, the characters were on point and everything was just as it should be. I'm in for the next 25 episodes! Word is Disney has already ordered a Season 2 (with another 25 episodes), so we aren't going to be rid our fluffy robot friend anytime soon. Of course, with a new cartoon, we must have NEW TOYS!! We still don't know what the deal was with those Stealth BH6 figures last year, but we are excited to show you an entirely new line, given the attention the series deserves. Let's dig in...

Unfortunately we've been asked to remove all images and info gathered at the UK Toy Fair Bandai stand this year. Further, the NY International Toy Fair Bandai booth is once again closed to the press, so I suppose you'll be seeing the toys when we do, on the shelves! We have reached out to both Disney and Bandai and hope to have official pictures as soon as they'd like to share them. Cross your fingers that is sooner rather than later.

More To Come!!

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