Sunday, February 11, 2018

Toy Fair 2018: tokidoki Forever

Some saw art toys as a fad. The idea of a toy as more art than plaything was something to mock. Still, the movement marched on, and evolved, and while creators came and went, it seems tokidoki has always been here, making the world a brighter place with cactus girls and happy bullets and puffy unicorns and all the dreams you had as a very little kid, now made real...and collectible! Simone Legno's creations continue to multiply into 2018 with their own in house inspiration and a line for Aurora. Let's dip into some sunshine from Spring Fair... 

Since Aurora are most known for their plush doll lines, you can bet cash money there will be plenty of squishy, cuddly tokidoki characters available this year. Check out a sampling of their offerings...

tokidoki continues their domination of your rainbow painted shelves with their own, in house creations...

Check out the full Aurora tokidoki gallery!
Check out the full gallery from tokidoki!

Pics by Jenny Wilson @ Wilson & Co Photography

More to Come!!

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