Saturday, February 3, 2018

Toy Fair 2018: Hasbro's Marvel Toy Lineup

Ready your bank account and hide your's time to tabulate how broke you are going to be for the rest of the year!! Marvel Legends have been a blessing and a curse to Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans alike. With an average 23 dollar price point for each figure and a Build-A-Figure in each wave, taunting you to buy the lot in one go, we may as well be signing our bank accounts over to Hasbro! Well friends, we have news for you. IT'S GOING TO GET WORSE!! With the Black Panther wave having just settled into retail stores across the globe, we've gotten word that the Spider-Man Lizard BAF wave is also hitting hard, with the Deadpool Sasquatch BAF wave close behind...and bringing up the rear across the waters in international territories, the Avengers Infinity Wars wave!!! Do the math on that. It means we are all eating ramen for a couple of months. Let's take a look at the run down for 2018, exploring the much sought after Legends and the "kid targeted" lines alike to get a clear view of the insanity coming up fast.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Action Figure Wave - (March) Gwen-Pool, Lasher, Mysterio, Prowler, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Punk and Spider-Woman (Lizard BAF)
*NOTE: These have already started popping up in stores. Street dates be damned.

Upwards of 30 products coming out for Avengers: Infinity War!! - (March)
Marvel Legends Infinity War Wave- Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Proxima Midnight, Taskmaster, Serpent Society (Cobra) and Songbird (MCU THANOS BAF)
6 inch Action Figures
6 inch Iron Man vs Thanos Battle Set
Assembler Gear Captain America
Assembler Gear Iron Man
Assembler Gear Starlord
Assembler Gear Hulk
Hulk Gamma Fists
Thor Hamer
Gauntlet (do we really need to tell you which one?)

NOTE: We were told this wave of Legends popped up in Australia. If these are YOUR pics, please give a shout. We'd love to credit you. 

Marvel Monopoly: April

Deadpool Movie Tie-In Toy Lines -  (April)
Deadpool Marvel Legends 6" Action Figure Wave - Cable, Deadpool (classic), Deadpool (X-Force), Deathlok, Domino, Paladin and X23 (Sasquatch BAF)
Deadpool Titans 12" Action Figure
Deadpool Roleplay Mask
Deadpool Roleplay Swords

                                            White background official pics from Nerdist

Ant-Man and Wasp Movie Tie-In Toy Lines -  (May)

X-Men Marvel Legends 6" Action Figure Wave - (July) Gladiator, Magneto, Multiple Man, Psylocke, Sabretooth, Storm (punk) and Wolverine (Apocalypse BAF)

Deadpool Marvel Legends 6" Action Figure Wave - (August) Deadpool (X-Men blue and gold uniform), Lady Deadpool and Omega Red

         Pics from Nerdist

Venom Movie Tie-In Toy Lines - (September)
Marvel Legends Venom 6" Action Figure Wave -  Carnage, Poison, Scream, Spider Ham, Typhoid Mary and Venom
6 inch Action Figure 2 pack with Venom and Carnage
Venom and Carnage 12" Titan Figures

          Pics from The Hollywood Reporter

Spider-Man Marvel Legends 6" Action Figure Wave - (September) Cloak, Dagger, Daredevil, Doc Ock, Elektra, House of M Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider

Toys R Us Exclusive X-Men Days of Future Past boxed set - (?  Speculating Summer)
We've got zero info on this one, but we are all assuming it comes with a Sentinel (please no belly button please no belly button) and a 6 inch Wolverine modeled after his look on the front of the box. Why 6 inch and not 3.75 inch like the ones that usually come in these sets? Well we've not heard anything on the future of the 3.75 inch line, and it would be counter productive and confusing to pack one into this set when everything on the pegs is 6 inch.

Walmart Exclusive Thanos - (?  Speculating March)
This is the former BAF Thanos with semi-metalic paints, a new head and, of course, the Infinity Gauntlet.

Note that we've not yet heard of a new Netflix wave and people had told us it's coming. You can also factor in other Toys R Us, Walgreens and Walmart exclusives and that comes to....broke. I'm totally broke already. We'll add more images as they come to us, so keep watching!

SDCC images by Alicia Glass @
Hascon images by Mike B @ Jackowicktoys, with additional closeups from Gil Mikita @

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  1. This doesn't even account for the MCU 10th Anniversary wave that's coming!

    1. I haven't even heard of this. We did think about another round of retro figures that are sure to get made.

    2. Nope, this is different. A subline of Cinematic figures, covering past characters not done yet! You should see it at NY Toy Fair! :)

  2. What about the Motorcycle box sets?

    1. Good call but they seem to be hitting now, so we left them out.