Friday, March 16, 2018

Ready Player One "Dreamer" Trailer

My brain is screaming. No. Every fiber of my being is shouting DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE!! The cringe inducing "parody" posters. The non stop barrage of imagery of all the easter eggs you'll find in the film, flashing across screens like the dirty little apocalypse kids in Thunderdome shouting "MEMBER' THIS??!!" YES...I FEKKIN REMEMBER!! PLEASE STOP!! And still, through it all, Ready Player One premiered at SXSW and all my journo friends who lead much more interesting lives than I do watched...and went slack jawed...and then gushed all over the internets. They say it's great. Amazing. Everything you want from Spielberg. Ok..ok...I'm getting a little excited now.

WB drops a new "Dreamer" trailer to build on those positive vibes and for once, it shows something besides an endless loop of pop culture references. GIVE ME CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!  Annnnd....go.

Save the OASIS, save the world. See #ReadyPlayerOne only in theaters March 29.

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