Saturday, August 27, 2022

Hasbro Releases More Power Rangers for the Ghostbusters Line

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Snizzard 002
Did I confuse you with that title? I tend to do that. ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN!! 

I love Ghostbusters and the announcement that Hasbro was taking over the license had me HYPED. I also love Marvel Legends, and the rate at which Hasbro cranks out those suckers made me think I'd be swimming in 16 different types of Ghosts and or Busters in one months time. 

Sadly, this did not happen. 

All the originality and creativity of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon series is, as yet, UNTAPPED, and that alone is a crime we must avenge. While we await the hero we deserve, some of us more imaginative collectors have dipped into the often on-sale Power Rangers Lightning Collection action figures, where they don't shy away from delivering double thicc, goofy-as-all-hell monsters. While any number of these iconic baddies would make excellent demons, ghosts and supernatural, forest dwelling entities, a few shine brighter than the rest. 

My first purchase was named "Pumpkin Rapper". Lord knows what this fiend's cannon story was, but to me, he was a very Halloweeny guy with an upside down pumpkin for a head, who has a vine whip and shoots....wait for it...pumpkins. OFF TO THE GHOSTBUSTERS COLLECTION WITH YOU!!

Hasbro Power Rangers Pumpkin Rapper

Since then, Hasbro has released Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie "Tengu Warriors", which are essentially nightmare-inducing bird-people in very sci-fi-esque armor. While not matching the Ghostbusters aesthetic, I still snapped up about 6 of these for future Lobo and space-based battles. A character that DID absolutely pass the GB vibe test was EYE GUY...who, regrettably, I have yet to snap up, as he has never graced a retail shelf in my area. Essentially, he's an eyeball monster, covered in eyeballs, with an eyeball weapon. GOLD.

Now Hasbro announce a character that, were it not clearly marked POWER RANGERS, I would have bet cash money it came right from the Real Ghostbusters creatives or could even pass for a close cousin to the Masters of the Universe Snake Men. Behold... the...Snizzard.
I'm not joking. 

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Snizzard

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Snizzard 002

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Snizzard 002

Hasbro Power Rangers Lightning Collection Snizzard 002

Created by Finster to destroy the Rangers, the lizard-like Snizzard almost succeeds by powering up his bow with his Zapper Apple This 6-inch Lightning Collection Snizzard action figure features premium paint and decorative details inspired by the show, over 20 points of articulation for high poseability, and a host of premium weapon accessories for awesome play and display potential. Accessories include the Snizzard's bow and arrow, a snake accessory, and snake whip accessory. Ages 4 and up.

Pre-orders for Snizzard are set to ship in March of 2023.

All the toy images you can handle!

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