Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jason Chalker's Boba Fink

These days, pop culture mash ups are so common, you've got to really grab the public by the balls to get their attention (not a pretty visual, I know!) With that in mind, what's the one name that would catch the attention of 90% of our readers?

Star Wars, of course.

And amid the vast Jedi infested universe, who's the one jive talkin bounty hunter who you call when you want a smuggler frozen in carbonite?

It's Boba Fett...can u dig it?

Jason Chalker knows full well the power of the Fett and delivers the goods in his newest creation...

It’s 2013 and time to shift into overdrive with one of the universe’s most feared and revved up hunters in hot rod history – Boba Fink! Created by pop culture visionary, Jason Chalker of Manly Art, this motor monstrosity is outsmART originals’ sixth t-shirt release. Screen-printed on classic fitting tees (to avoid that ‘clingy’ carbonite encased feeling) and available in a wide array of sizes for both men and women, Boba Fink is just $25.00 and will be shipping worldwide in early February. As a bonus, Jason has graciously offered the original 16”x12” inked drawing   on 140lb Canson Montval Watercolor paper as an incentive to purchasing his new tee. Customers who purchase a Boba Fink t-shirt will automatically be entered into a random drawing to win this original print – what a substantial reward!

Known for his witty and incredible takes on pop culture icons, this new hot rod design is being released on the heels of his Big Trouble in Little China homage, The Lo Pan Express. Don’t miss another of Jason’s muscle machine designs and pre-order your Boba Fink tee today before he races far, far away…for good!

Hit up http://www.outsmartoriginals.com/

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