Wednesday, January 2, 2013


A press release so awesome, I'm running it beat for beat. And go.

Q: What do you get when you cross a Domo and a DC Comics Superhero? 
A: See Below...It's epic.

Domo DC: Mystery Minis
In case you've forgotten... Funko's take on the 'Blind Box'
Each PDQ Assortment Includes 24pcs / Collect All 14 Unique 2.5" Domo DC Characters
Each Domo DC has a Specific Rarity Scale (below)
Fancy Counter Display
In 3.....2......1......
Cutest 2.5" Domo DC Vinyl Figures You've Ever Seen
In 3......2.......1.......

  Available FEBRUARY 28TH!

Let us now discuss the 'Rarity Scale' I mentioned above...
Each Assorted Display will come with 24pcs (1 Inner Pack)...
Each Master Case Includes 6 Assortments...
There are 14 unique Domo DC Character designs...
Therefore, some are more 'rare' than others...
Here, this image might help:
As you can see...there is a '1/144' rarity scale Domo DC Character - this means, there is only 1 per Master Case!

Pop! Heroes: Domo DC
A Pop! Line like no other... The perfect Mash-Up of Domo and DC Comics!
 Oooh...Aaaah... They're magnificent!

Available FEBRUARY 14TH!


  1. Why does the blue batman have black eyes? Hopefully the collective picture is right and the single pic was just a prototype. I never thought I would take a black and grey one over a blue, but the white eyes look alot better.

    1. Dunno but I'd say it's 99% a sure thing these are the finished product. Funko tends to announce product right before it hits shelves.