Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Toy Fair 2013: Funko: Adventure Time Pop! Vinyl

Day one down for UK Toy Fair and here in the states, Funko was feeling left out, even though we feature them 3 times a week. ATTENTION HOGS!! In an effort to retake center stage, Funko sent over images of something I couldn't say no to in a million year. ADVENTURE TIME POP! VINYL FIGURES!!!

The Adventure Time line WAS slated to hit Hot Topic stores in February as a 90 day exclusive, but as it happens with nearly everything due to hit in February, they are in stores NOWWWW. The line kicks off with Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, Ice King and Marceline. Pictures of this lot have been creeping around toy news circles for some time now but we are betting most of you uber fans haven't seen them yet so...here you go!

Series 2 is already in the works. A little birdy told us BMO is a lock. We are betting Princess Bubblegum is too, and after that, with few all stars left to choose from, it's not hard to imagine Fiona and Cake joining the bunch. Just to be clear, we only know BMO is a sure thing. If we are making wish lists though, I'd harass Mr. Funko for a Gunther and Peppermint Butler and if I was reaaaaaaaally dreaming...I'd push for a mini set of Hot Dog Knights. Yes, please.

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