Friday, January 4, 2013

The Best LIVE Televised NYE2013 Broadcast

And the award goes to KDOC of LA. As a fan of B movies, we, as a group, tend to think the worse a movie is, the more it transcends the badness and evolves into some glorious, hideous monstrosity you can not look away from..and if you're get's even funnier. The harder the acting, the more fantastic the outcome. not that. We will call this a hurricane of ineptitude that can only be explained with a theory that someone over there must have been sending a giant sized F U to his bosses and let the whole damn thing fall apart. If there were Wayans randomly inserted in the crowd shots, I would have thought this was a genius giant sized trailer for their latest upcoming spoof movie. Instead, we get Jamie Kennedy struggling to keep it together before embracing the chaos and his cast of misfit Hollywood toys..banged up..drugged up..and generally fucked up. Let's watch the highlights.

Am I wrong or was that closing fight between a dude and a woman?? Welp..that's definitely the way to end that party. Whoever gets me a full recording of this apocalyptic train wreck gets a box of senseless but awesome stuff from me.

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