Thursday, January 31, 2013

Toy Fair 2013 : The WB Push Looney Tunes

Can you recall the last time you saw Looney Tunes merchandise on the shelves at your local toy stores? Man...was it DC Direct that had a line ages ago? If that's the case, those were only in comic shops and specialty retailers. Warner Brothers stores had some fantastic vinyl figures as well...but those days are long gone and the WB shops are closed, and with a new cartoon on the air that does NOT feature cracked out extreeeeme versions of their iconic characters, we need new toys!

The smash hit television series, The Looney Tunes Show, produced by WBA, has kicked off its second season with an ACME bang on Cartoon Network as the characters’ antics continue to surprise and delight new generations of fans.  WBCP continues to support the timeless entertainment of the classic Looney Tunes, the all-new popular animated television series, and the WBA-produced theatrical shorts distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, with global licensees bringing the timeless appeal to exciting toy lines. US master toy licensee The Bridge Direct (items pictured) ignites the program with a multi-category product line of plush, figures, playsets and vehicles.  In the UK, Character Group was recently announced as the master toy partner for Looney Tunes to bring a new collection of interactive motion sensor plush that utilizes sound, light and touch technology, in addition to a line of construction playsets, figures and traditional plush.  Globally, licensee Allegre HKM provides a range of plush product.  Also supporting the Looney Tunes are Rubie’s Costume Co.; Pressman Toy with puzzles; Lansay with a colorful plush assortment; Bestway presenting an assortment of inflatables; and Trefl and Hasbro with puzzles; among other licensees. French technology manufacturer EMTEC (pictured below) continues to offer its popular line of Looney Tunes-inspired USB flash drives, of which one million were sold in less than a year, and has released its new range of USBs and a Looney Tunes MP3 player.

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