Friday, June 25, 2010

Doll Stuff: Flashdance Barbie, Gothiness, Mad Men & More

Doll named because I get a lot of shit for running news on new Barbies and the like, but fuck, half my readers are women and they LOVE IT..and so do some of the guys.. so...bite me. Now those that care can find the stories easier and I retain my manhood by dismissing it as "Stuff".

Anyyyway, we'll start with a quick update on the Mad Men Barbies dropping next month. Betty Draper, Joan Holloway and Don Draper should be hitting any day now, retailing for around 85 dollars. Roger Sterling is an Online Exclusive for the Barbie Fan Club...meaning you must join the Barbie Army to get him to show up on your doorstep.

Next we have the newest addition to the Ladies of the 80's Barbie line that kicked off with Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper and Debbie Harry. The new member is Flashdance Barbie!! Odd pick, but it's funny enough that I want to show it off. Since this one retails for around 35 dollars, I'm going to assume you'll see her on the store shelves next to Victoria and Alice from Twilight: Eclipse. Flashdance Barbie would dance them into the ground.

Last up for Barbie is a doll that is already selling , but I thought I'd show it off to the non-rabid fans who find out about their dolls from a 30 something male geek on the internets. The 2009 Hard Rock Cafe Barbie is so Rockabilly she looks like she stepped out of the movie Cry Baby, if they remade Cry Baby today with all the tattooing going on. I fully expect at least 3 of my friends to freak out right now, so HERE'S A LINK to buy her on sale for 55 bucks. Since she is older, she may be even cheaper on other websites, so give a look.

On the Barbie site, you'll also find Barbie as Athena and The Dread Pirate Barbie (I put the dread in there, because that's funnier) so take a look if you want to get crazy. Mattel has also launched the Monster High line, which presents us with the frightning idea that the Universal Monsters would have fashion mongering children who strut around and embarrass their parents every second they exist. FEAR THEM!!

In other doll news, Gallery Marketing Group make higher end ball jointed dolls among the horded of scary babies they churn out. Dark Hunter, from the Sherrilyn Kenyon book series, is one diversion into ball jointed dolls with an edge we rarely see in the states. Sure, they look like they were beaten with several Hot Topic gift cards, but some people dig that. Acheron (the dude with the pretty hair) and Simi (the lady in the hooker boots) are available now for around 150 a piece. This same company also makes a Brides of Dracula doll line which includes The Contessa, Mina and Lucy. All really beautiful work, proving once again, you get what you pay for.

Rounding out the dollapalooza, I wanted to touch on some of the newer items from Tonner, makers of high end dolls predominantly from licensed properties. My thinking is you may not know some of these things exist, so prepare to have your mind BLOWN. Tonner's current lineup includes Torchwood, Dr. Who, Firefly, Jonah Hex, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, DC Stars, Price of Persia, Twilight and Lord of the Rings. They also made a name for themselves with an amazing line of Harry Potter dolls that destroy anything else ever put on the market. For the highest quality, this is your go-to crew!

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