Friday, June 18, 2010

E3: 505 Games: Naughty Bear

Imagine you are watching a CGI, super realistic Care Bears movie (following the success of the Smurfs movie, of course) and instead of the usual love and justice tale, this film is a story of REVENGE!! Naughty Bear is a lot like that, only without the sweetness. Prepare for giant barrel loads of mean spirited AWESOME.

Naughty Bear is a grisly psychopath slicing a path of manipulation and terror across a cartoon world of otherwise blissful teddy bears on the Island of Perfection. The other bears have gotten away with blaming Naughty Bear for everything that has gone wrong on the island—until now. Naughty Bear tells the tale of one demented teddy bear’s ruthless efforts to torment and harass the inhabitants of the Island of Perfection. Gamers will engage in sadistic scuffles with hapless stuffed animals from all corners of the toy box, waging psychological warfare on unsuspecting victims. Hell-bent on exacting revenge against everything cute and fluffy.

Coming THIS MONTH for XBox360 and PS3

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