Monday, June 28, 2010

NECA Predators Figures Will Eat Adrien Brody

Now THAT would be an action feature I'd welcome. Not that I have anything against Brody, but I figure the Predators would know Brody screws monsters (see Splice) and not wanting to be groped, might eat him first...thus, the perfect action feature. Ta daaaa.

For the first time almost 20 years, there is a brand new Predator film featuring a whole new breed of Predators! These hunters are even more ruthless and deadly than the Predators that came before. Fans of the series will want these figures of the Classic Predator, the Falconer Predator, and the Berzerker Predator. Each figure stands over 7" tall and is fully poseable. New, killer blister card packaging was made for each one. Expect them on the pegs this August.

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