Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Marvel Select Juggernaut Making All Geeks Cry Tears Of Joy

After years of begging Diamond Select to create more characters that will compliment the Marvel Legends line, we've finally got ourselves a new Juggernaut!!!! I'll allow you 5 minutes of celebration now.

To continue, Marvel Select makes the big bulky guys like no other company, so it is a no brainer for us to be constantly moaning at them to make our favorite Marvel Comics powerhouses into lovable plastics. Further, since they sell straight to comic shops, they can make obscure chatacters and not worry much about them selling, since Marvel Legends fans have absolutely nothing else to buy these days!! I laugh..and then I cry a little. With Juggernaut, we get a character sorely in need of an update, hopefully in a scale that will make us fall out of our Incredible Hulk bean bag chairs, AND recognizable to the movie geeks, since he did have an appearance or 2 in X-Men United. TRIPLE WIN!! Sculpting by Gentle Giant and paints by the legendary Eddie Wires make this a dream project we hope to see a repeat of over and over and over until the entire Marvel Universe is finally COMPLEEEEETE!! Here's the skinny...

A Diamond Select Release! Sculpted by Gentle Giant! The ranks of the best-selling Marvel Select line expand to include one of the deadliest mutants ever — the unstoppable Juggernaut! Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios and standing a massive 7" tall, the Juggernaut is the latest release in DST’s in-scale, oversized Marvel Select figures! Charles Xavier's half-brother, Cain Marko, is ready to join Magneto in the fight against the X-Men — and anyone else that stands in their way! Featuring Marvel Select’s standard 16 points of articulation, The Juggernaut — and the sans-helmet chase variant figure — are the textbook definition of “unstoppable”!

Expect Juggers to hit stores this August for the low low price of 20 beans. Make this a sell out and show Hasbro that we are dying for new Marvel figures that look as if they can step on their G.I. Joes.

And just because I'm a full service geek, here's a list of figures I'd love to see Marvel Select tackle next...

The Wrecking Crew
Luke Cage
Dragon Man
Doc Samson
Titanium Man
Iron Clad
Hydro Man
New School Venom (believe it or not, he hasn't been done properly)
Super Adaptoid

You make em', we'll buy em'. Deal?

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  1. Don't forget Colossus! He needs Mervel Selects upgrade BADLY!