Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E3: UBISOFT: Scott Pilgrim VS The World

Get ready for 2D retro video game AWESOME!! Just like the now infamous comic and by default, the already legendary movie from Edgar Wright, UBISOFT presents a game that will tickle the side scrolling receptors of your pancreas and effectively blow your freaking mind. This is a 4 person brawler allowing you and your droogies to become Scott, Ramona, Kim Pine and Stephen Stills who fight to defeat the super charged x's coming to reclaim Ramona for their own dastardly purposes. The creators hint that there may be more unlockable characters if there is enough demand for them. Unfortunately, gameplay will not include online co-op. This downloadable Playstation Network exclusive drops this August, but we are told X-Box will have their day down the line.

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