Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Toy Fair 2012: MORE Avengers Movie Toys

I can only imagine these tips are coming in from UK Toy Fair at this point, since that show is underway as we speak. This round, we get a beautiful (albeit tiny) look at the vehicles from the Avengers movie line which confirm both a Quinjet AND a S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier!!! Here are the press blurbs...

Hammer Strike Thor - This Thor electronic figure is ready for any battle. Thor boasts an electric sound bank and signature projectile play - Thor throws his hammer. Features great try me action on the shelf.

Gamma Strike Hulk - This 10" Hulk is ready for any battle. press his chest to hear powerful phrases and sounds from the upcoming Avengers film. Watch Hulk hero up on shelf with a dynamic new battle smash try me!

Battle Chargers Assortment - The Avengers assortment of battle chargers come packed with features. Either pull back motors to fly into action or projectile firing weapons to take down the enemy.

Stark Tek Battle Vehicles - The Avengers battle the bad guys in high tech vehicles! Designed by Tony Stark himself, these sleek 4x4's and jets (AKA the Quinjet!!) are outfitted with lots of weapons and projectiles for a great hero play experience! Includes a 3.75" hero figure.

Avengers Quinjet - (..Which looks less like the Quinjet than the other Quinjet, but who cares as long as we get the damn thing!) The "Quin" tinsential Avengers vehicle! (yesh..i see what you did there.) This flying fortress can convert into battle mode and take the Avengers into the fight with plenty of firing projectiles and play features- like a sky cycle! An absolute must-have for kids and Marvel fans. Includes Iron Man figure.

S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier - The Biggest ever Marvel vehicle at 3 ft long! Features heavily in the upcoming Avengers movie as our heroes' base. Comes with a Captain America 3.75 inch figure and has 4 projectile firing deck cannons.

Avengers Hero Chest Light - (Yes..chest lights. Welcome to the future.) Just attach Iron Man's Arc Reactor or Captain America's Mission Star to your shirt and become the hero. Each hero light features heroic phrases and sounds.

Hero Mask Assortment - Every kid wants to be an Avenger! Choose your favorite hero and join the battle with Avengers movie masks! (what..no Black Widow wigs?! Jip. I'd also like a Black Widow Hero Chest Light. 2 of them. It's just sexist not to.)

A quick note on the alien army of The Avengers: My money WAS on Frost Giants who are now leaderless, but what is up with the purple laser blasts we see in the trailer? I guess it would be easy enough for Loki to outfit his army with weapons. Here's another point though..if it IS the Frost Giants, why is everyone looking and shooting upward? Def seems like some invading force complete with ships. Why else would the Avengers need Quinjets?

CLICK HERE for images of action figures from Hasbro's Avengers movie toy line!

NOTE: Our images above may have originated at http://theredshadows.proboards.com/, though the book these images appear in is available to all at UK Toy Fair. We'd just like to cover all bases.

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