Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Toy Fair 2012: Star Wars Air Hedz

INNOVATION!! It's what separates the hum drum average toy maker from the likes of McFarlane Toys who make a zombie figure you can tear apart and re-assemble! BLUW is one such company who like to put a little extra zazz in their plastic with products including wind up grannies battling wind up Daleks...and Air Hedz, the inflatable costume hat!!

We are deadly serious.

Blow up your own piece of super-sized fun! Air Hedz's giant inflatables are the super-sized way for kids to dress up. Each set comes with a giant piece of headgear and accessory. Take your pick from a range that includes a cowboy, pirate, nurse and fairy princess. Just blow them up and put them on - they're a gigantic load of fun!

Their creations include a Cowboy with a gun, Robot with a blaster, Pirate with a sword, Alien with alien hands and Fireman with an axe. This is one company that knows adults (or closest approximation) want to get in on the fun, so they've got a Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Skeleton and Axe to the Head sets as well!

Now BLUW joins in on the Star Wars celebration with blow up Lucas creations you'll be sporting at San Diego Comic Con this year fo sho. The lineup includes Darth Vader Inflatable Head & Armor, Clone Trooper Inflatable Head & Blaster & Yoda Inflatable Head & Cane.

AMAZING. Bluw is also cranking out some Transformers and Ben 10 Air Hedz, so keep watch for those if you're a fan! More Toy Fair news coming soon..same bat time..same bat channel.

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