Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Toy Fair 2012: Hasbro's Star Wars Show Stopper Vehicle

I'm amazed that every year Hasbro fails to keep their MOST AWESOME, MIND BLOWING Star Wars vehicle of the year under wraps!! We had been speculating on this year's mega-vehicle and knew it would be Episode 1 oriented, since the 3D film releases soon. A bunch of us were betting on the Naboo Royal Star Ship, which we haven't seen since the original release of the film and could be a brilliant remake. Well, today Hasbro knocked us out of our shoes and fulfilled the dreams of army builders and scene completists all at once with the announcement of the Multi Troop Transport Droid Carrier!! You'll remember this was the long ship that dropped the hundreds of Droids on the battle field at the start of the Gungan vs Droids conflict. Start perfecting your Pew Pew noises...

Multi Troop Transport Droid Carrier - The most iconic vehicle from Episode 1 comes to life with 20 combat-ready droids and full battle action sounds, weaponry and motorized droid deployment.

If this is anything like past releases, expect plenty of phrases squawking out of this vehicle as well as projectiles and other snazzy bells and whistles, as well as a $90 and up price point. More news soon from Toy Fair 2012!!!

UPDATE: My Star Wars freaks point out that while the ship comes with 2o figures, only 4 are actual "action" figures and the other 16 are pre-posed set pieces. Do they at least unfold? Are that stuck in the ship? This would suck loads as we are told the latest droid figures at retail do fold up, so it would be killer to fill the ship with these. We'll find out soon enough!

NOTE: Our image above may have originated at http://theredshadows.proboards.com/, though the book these images appear in is available to all at UK Toy Fair. We'd just like to cover all bases.

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