Monday, January 30, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : Batman: Arkham Asylum Play Arts Kai Figures

In the world of collectibles, if you want the best of the best in 12 inch action figures, you look to Hot Toys. When you want that same level of detail, paints and articulation in a smaller, more traditional action figure format, you look to Square Enix. This crew have been cranking out Final Fantasy action figures that make jaws drop across the planet for some years now, but it is their Play Arts Kai line that has been making hardcore fans lose their minds on the convention floors. Today, we get to show off two new additions to the Play Arts Kai Batman: Arkham Asylum lineup ...Armored Batman and Harley Quinn!

We first got some glimpses of these two figures at New York Comic Con along with the first two figures in the line, Batman and The Joker. CLICK HERE for images!

The Joker stands 8.9 inches tall and comes with Chattering Teeth (that most likely don't chatter at that scale), a gun, and alternate hands (one fist and one hand to hold the gun). Batman stands 9.3 inches tall and comes with his grappling hook, Batarang, and alternate hands (closed fist and hand for gripping accessories. Each will set you back 60 bucks and are due out this month.

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