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Toy Fair 2012: McFarlane Also on HALO 4!

Hell, we might have all our details banged out before the US Toy Fair actually starts, leaving us to just post a billion pictures! Wouldn't that be swell...

Not much of a shocker here as McFarlane seem to love cranking out those Master Chiefs in every color imaginable. Here's the skinny...

This fall, Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries are releasing Halo 4, the highly anticipated video game expected to be one of the top entertainment launches of 2012. McFarlane Toys is proud to announce that its best-selling line of Halo action figures continues this fall as well, with figures from Halo 4.

Halo 4 brings back the most popular character of the Halo universe, the Master Chief, and kicks off an all-new trilogy of games. Dubbed the "Reclaimer Trilogy" by 343 Industries, these new games explore the characters of the Master Chief and Cortana, expand the Halo fiction in bold new ways and bring even more of the innovation that the Halo series is known for to the gaming world. McFarlane Toys Halo 4 action figures bring the all-new characters, weapons and vehicles of Halo 4 to video-game fans and action-figure collectors worldwide.

"Each new Halo game is a significant entertainment event," says Todd McFarlane, CEO and founder of McFarlane Toys. "Halo 4 marks the return of the Master Chief and Cortana, plus the introduction of new characters, weapons and locations sure to excite long-time fans."

The Halo 4 figure series continues in the 6-inch size introduced with their Halo: Reach figures. They're also introducing a series of larger, boxed figures. These deluxe items are in scale with their 6-inch figures, but include larger accessories, such as Master Chief's Cryotube.

McFarlane Toys is part of a select group of licensees with Halo 4 products available at game launch. Halo 4 Series 1 kicks off this August with four carded figures and one boxed figure set, and expands to include even more figures later in the fall.

August 2012

Carded Figures
• Master Chief
• Secret Figure 1
• Secret Figure 2
• Secret Figure 3

Boxed Figure
• Frozen Master Chief and Cryotube

November 2012

Carded Figures
• Cortana
• Secret Figure 4
• Secret Figure 5
• Secret Figure 6

Boxed Figure
• Secret Boxed Figure 1

Halo 4 Series 1 will be launched in August 2012, and will expand around the game launch in fall 2012, continuing into 2013. Available at Walmart, Target, Toys "R" Us, GameStop, local comic book stores, drug stores and other retailers. MSRP is $12 for standard carded figures and $25 for deluxe boxed figures.


In addition to its all-new Halo 4 action figure line, McFarlane Toys is continuing its popular Halo: Anniversary series in fall 2012. Since the franchise's tenth anniversary has now passed, the line is being rebranded as "Halo Universe."

Halo Universe continues to bring fans the classic, fan-favorite characters from the earlier Halo games, and even includes "expanded universe" sources such as novels, comic books and the animated feature, Halo Legends. This series also continues the popular "build-a-figure" feature of our Halo: Anniversary lines, bringing collectors an extra bonus item such as the Difficulty Plaque or UNSC Logo.

Todd explains, "Halo 4 brings fans figures from the latest and greatest Halo video game. But Halo is a franchise with over a decade of incredible games, movies, books and comics. With our Halo Universe line, we can continue to offer long-time fans the classic characters they know and love."

Halo Universe Series 1 consists of five figures and one 6-inch-scale vehicle:

• Frederic-104 (Halo Legends)
• Romeo (Halo 3: ODST)
• Elite Commando (Halo 3)
• Brute Captain Major (Halo 3)
• Spartan (Multiplayer)
• ODST Drop Pod

Halo Universe Series 1 debuts in October 2012. Available at Walmart, Target, Toys "R" Us, GameStop, local comic book stores, drug stores, and other retailers. MSRP is $12 for figures and $39 for vehicles.

McFarlane will also be releasing a line of stylized mini-figures called Avatars...

"Rather than make up our own style of mini-figure, we decided to take advantage of the style that Xbox LIVE has established with their avatars. Since each avatar represents an individual gamer, players have a strong personal connection to their avatars. When you choose a Halo Spartan helmet for your avatar, that helmet becomes more than just a piece of some fictional character's clothing—it becomes part of your online persona. Avatars have become the mascot of the Xbox brand. To represent the customization options available for online avatars, McFarlane Toys' avatar figures feature interchangeable heads, torsos, and legs. Collectors can mix and match pieces to create their own custom avatar figures, much like they can with their online avatars. In addition to human characters and apparel, Halo Avatars also include various "prop" items such as Warthogs and Banshees.

Each 2 1/2"–tall avatar figure is randomly packaged in a small, Halo-themed plastic cylinder. The top and bottom of each cylinder can be removed, and each piece can be used as a display base. The tubes can even be connected, stacking to form a multi-level display. The MSRP of a single avatar figure is less than three dollars.

Halo Avatars Series 1 consists of eight random figures:

• Master Chief
• Carter
• Flaming ODST Helmet and ODST T-Shirt
• Green Operator Helmet and Reach T-Shirt
• Elite Costume
• Warthog
• Metallic Gold Master Chief

Halo Avatars debut in fall 2012 and continues into 2013. Available at Walmart, Target, Toys "R" Us, GameStop, local comic book stores, drug stores, and other retailers.

And finally, we have MICRO OPS!

This all-new series consists of miniature figures, vehicles, and locations from the entire Halo universe, at roughly 1:100/15mm scale.

With its smaller size, Halo Micro Ops covers the Halo universe, from the tiniest Grunt to the largest Scarab. With such a wide range of product sizes to cover, Micro Ops is available in four different packages. Small carded sets include small vehicles like the Warthog and Ghost. Larger carded sets offer bigger vehicles such as the Falcon, or small buildings like the Bunker from the Halo 3 multiplayer map High Ground. Larger buildings, including the Tower or Gate sections of High Ground, are packaged in small boxes, while large vehicles such as the Elephant will be packaged in an even larger box. With UNSC, Covenant and Forerunner forces, the entire Halo universe is yours to command. The only limit is your imagination.

The initial Micro Ops lines cover the Halo trilogy, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars, and Halo: Reach. Later lines will add figures, vehicles, and environments from Halo 4. Series 1 includes:

Small Carded Sets
• Warthog and Mongoose
• Banshee
• Ghost vs. Wolf Spider turret
• ODST Drop Pods

Large Carded Sets
• Falcon
• High Ground Bunker with Shade turret

Small Boxed Sets
• High Ground Gate with Warthog
• High Ground Tower and SAM Launcher

Large boxed sets will be available in 2013.

Halo Micro Ops debuts in August 2012 and continues into 2013. Available at Target, Toys "R" Us, local comic book stores, and other retailers. MSRPs range from $8 for the small carded sets, $18 for large carded sets and $29 for the small boxed sets.

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