Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Toy Fair 2012 : Mattel's Batman: Dark Knight Rising Toys

Getting tired of this Avengers / Dark Knight news barrage? No worries..there's almost nothing left to reveal and honestly, we are tired of it too. Onto some new news after this one! Batmannews.DE (click here for more of their eye candy) got the scoop on a whole bunch of Mattel's new Batman movie toys..again..from a catalog. WHO IS PRINTING THESE THINGS??!! Here's a breakdown of the merch (translated from German)...

Quick-Tek Batman figures (Batman and Bane) € 13.38 each:
Super cool! Super fast! Figure put in the box and press the button. In seconds, Batman is equipped with armor and weapon!

Batman Basic Figures (Batman and Bane variants) € 8.81 each:
To re-enact the movie's most thrilling moments and build an impressive collection! With all the familiar Batman characters (ie; 30 Batman, 2 Bane and MAYBE a Catwoman).

Bat Pod € 32.22:
The bike will have a button to fire a projectile and reinforce changes in the blink of an armor.
(which is German for "it has transforming features that armor up the bike")

Batman Quik Tek vehicle & figure:
Pressing a button, and immediately turned the car and is ready for use (eg vehicle in plane) (these also seem like transforming vehicles, but on a small scale like the Star Wars figure w vehicle packs)

There's also a flash of a 10 inch Batman action figure that looks to have some nice posability and two remote control vehicles; Bane's Tumbler and the Bat Pod. Cool Toy Review has also reported on 6 inch Movie Masters action figures with a Build-a-Bat Signal theme. The signal is supposed to be able to project the Bat symbol on your wall! Collectors are now squinting at Mattel for two reasons..

1. Mattel is notorious for cranking out Batman figures in their Batman lines and not much else. What will they fill a movie masters line with? Would you buy 12 different Batman figures at 16 bucks each just to build a Bat Signal?

2. Mattel's last attempt at a colossal Build-a-something was Parallax in the Green Lantern Movie Masters line. Though fans were excited to add more Lanterns to their 6 inch collection, retailers were less than enthusiastic about carrying the final wave after sitting on heaps of the first stuff, leaving many of us with an incomplete monster..or in my case..a bunch of fairly useless bendy tentacles.

I'm always psyched for more 6 inch Batman figures, so I hope Mattel seizes the opportunity to make all the Bat-Baddies we've always wanted. Other wise, I see most collectors just going over to DC Direct this year for some killer sculpts! Make us proud, Mattel!!!

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