Thursday, August 29, 2013


We had just been discussing how the Spirit of Halloween stores were opened for business nearly 2 weeks ago, and now we get a report that the LEGO Advent Calendars have shipped to the UK, so they are probably turning up in the states as well. Advent Calendars. Just drink that in for a moment. ADVENT CALENDARS FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Can't we get through my favorite holiday of the year before we bypass Thanksgiving entirely and drop holy hellish holiday crap in every retail store isle??!! Is that too much to ask?! ~storms out of room~

~comes back~

Anywho..Matt Booker of Automatic Comics got these new additions in his shop today, including Advent Calendars for LEGO Star Wars, Friends and City. Hit the jump and enjoy the eye candy...and shudder at the coming of the "Holidays"...3 months early....

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