Friday, August 23, 2013

Prepare for the NEW New52 Lobo

The near invulnerable, virtually unkillable engine of destruction known to some as "The Last Czarnian" has come to be loved for his ridiculous kill frenzy, fake cursing, grind house-esque demeanor amid a world founded on truth, justice and the American way. With the re-birth of this world in The New52, the badass named Lobo returned via Rob Liefeld's title Deathstroke...a little less badass. Now, DC looks to rip that perception from your fragile young minds and flip the script, taking the man you once knew and the man Liefeld relaunched and popping out something a little more...EXXXTREEEEEEME! (with three x' the 90's.)

From Bob Harras via the DC Comics Website:

The Lobo you think you know doesn’t exist.

Back when we introduced this “What’s New In The New 52” column, I told you that the most important word in The New 52 is "New." We're always striving to keep things exciting, different and surprising. Which is why JUSTICE LEAGUE #23.2: LOBO (from the creative team of Marguerite Bennett, Ben Oliver, Cliff Richards and Daniel Brown) contains a major surprise – one we’ve had planned for a while. The Lobo you’ve seen so far in the New 52 is not who you think he is. In this one-shot, you’ll be introduced to the real Lobo. A ruthless killer, Lobo is on a quest to kill the man who has taken his name.

This Lobo is equal parts strong, vicious, and driven. There’s a darker and more logical idea about what a force of nature like him is capable of. After all, this is someone who can infiltrate high society, fly a space ship, and adhere to a very specific moral code that’s not your typical anti-hero one. Oh, and, this one-shot takes place very far away from Earth. And when I say very far away, I mean it takes place literally on the other side of the galaxy.

There was a lot of thought put into how the real Lobo should look. Kenneth Rocafort’s various interpretations blew us away, but the design we landed on as the final choice is the last one in the above gallery. In this design, Ken updated Lobo’s facial tattoos and weaponry by adding laser edges to his blades and gloves that’ll give him extra strength with their mechanical usage. In the end, Ken transformed Lobo into a lean, mean killing machine.

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I'm sorry, but the idea of Lobo being able to infiltrate high society is the EXACT opposite of the Lobo we've been reading since day 1, and while I understand the need to push NEW all day do want to sell comics....right? Let's take a look at these character designs...

Number toe shoes. yea. I sincerely hope someone chased Kenneth around the office with a can of hairspray and a match after he turned in this one. World War Lobo. I think no.

Number 2...Would probably have been the most widely accepted!! Reflects the essential core of the character we followed for years while updating him with some new spacey gear. Screams NEW while giving nods to what we loved. Solid choice. Sadly...not what they went with.

Number 3...Young ...scrawny...hipster.......I want Doomsday to eat him and gnashing in an extended fold out 4 page spread. Just...just horrible.

Number 4...If I'm reading the above text correctly, this is what they went with. A younger, sleeker, ...member of Guardians of the Galaxy. And totally not Lobo-esque at all.

Oh well. They can always maintain this storyline and have ANOTHER real Lobo surface, fake curse up a storm, spit his cigar in the face of this pretty boy and them tear his head off. It's comics. Anything can happen. Spew your hate below. We need to let it out if we are to move on.

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