Friday, August 30, 2013

The Funko Update: Assassin's Creed, Adventure Time, A Christmas Story & More

THE DOMINATION CONTINUES!! Funko's army of irresistibly cute marches on with new additions for your cartoon, video game and movie factions. Soon, the cute levels will be high enough to storm the nation's capital. VICTORY IN 2014!!!

First, a little announcement. One of the most unique and highly anticipated toys of San Diego Comic-Con 2013 was the pre-order and launch of Super7's™ ReAction Figures™ Alien™ line. From the "Lost Prototype" 2-pack and Early Bird Kit to the the full reveal of the final Alien™ ReAction figures™ , the collector community was in a frenzied state over this new "retro style" look of toys within the action figure community. At the same time, Funko's™ continued growth and expanding product line made it's San Diego Comic-Con booth one of the single most traveled spots of the entire convention. After years of sharing the same aisle together, Super7™ and Funko™ saw an incredible opportunity to leverage each other's unique business insights into a more strategic partnership. Beginning with the launch of the Highly anticipated Alien™ ReAction Figures™ and then several licenses to be announced soon,  both companies look to establish a firm collaborative footprint in the market with the ReAction Figures ™ line.
Click the links below to pre-order each piece. Amazon probably carries all of what is shown below and more, so once you click one link there's no reason to come back here for the rest! Just browse and shop like crazy!

And now...the pops. Kicking things off with Adventure Time Series 2 including Princess Bubblegum, Gunter, Lemongrab, BMO, Fiona and Cake

Then we've got Regular Show with Benson, Skips, Muscle Man, Mordecai and Rigby

Back to the Future with Marty and Doc

Assassin's Creed with Ezio, Connor, Edward, Altair and the Plauge Doctor

Mass Effect with Garrus, Miranda, Commander Sheppard, Grunt and Tali

Thor: The Dark World with Thor, Loki and a Dark Elf

Ender's Game with Ender and Petra

An exclusive Game of Thrones Season 1 and 2 Blu-ray set with NEW GOT Pops

AND THE HOLIDAYS REARS IT'S UGLY HEAD AGAIN!! We've got a new line of Christmas Story Pops with The Old Man, Sheriff Ralphie and Pink Nightmare Ralphie...

I fully expect a flocked Pink Nightmare Ralphie for SDCC 2014

And some additions to your Nightmare Before Christmas collection with Santa Jack Skellington and Zero

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