Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Big Hero 6 Toys Hitting Retail

The Disney/ Marvel animated film is still a month off, but the action figures, deluxe toys, plush and more are hitting shelves from Walgreens to the Disney Store mother ship. In their usual odd fashion, Disney has given the main toy license to Bandai, but still has their own branded Disney Store figure line that often resembles the Bandai toys...but sometimes looks better...and sometimes looks worse. It's a mystery. Don't think too hard on it. It may cause leakage. Here's a run down of toys you can find out there now...and some that might be releasing closer to the release date as not to reveal toooo much from the movie.

ACTION FIGURES (Note the difference between the Disney and Bandai!)




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  1. I really want the 13" inch Fred plush and the Baymax plush!