Thursday, October 9, 2014

NYCC 2014: Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Debuts Statues from DC Comics, Judge Dredd, Mortal Kombat & More

It's TIME!!! As folks que up in a massive line outside of New York Comic Con, we thought we'd sit back and show you folks at home (who get to keep your sanity) what's awaits the hordes of geeks! Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is nestled at the very hard of toy central in this year's show, boasting neighbors like Mezco and Kotobukiya. Best street ever! This year's showing includes further expansion of known lines and a couple of surprises that will make your eyes instantly explode inside your've been warned...

First up we've got new pieces from Mortal Kombat! Liu Kang and Scorpion join your Klassic collection. Liu is the standard size you've come to expect from this line with a killer detail in the tiny flame dragon in his palm, while Scorpion is massive..and bad ass..and i'm told..pretty damn heavy!

E.Honda joins the Street Fighter ranks. A rep at the company told us "when you cary him across a parking lot unwrapped, he looks like a muscley little baby."

Man-At-Arms joins the Masters of the Universe statue line, complete with trounced Horde robots under his feet. All he is missing is the lamentation of the Horde women.

In the center of the booth you'll spot Judge Dredd on his bike! Key features include semi-translucent debris kicked up by the back tire, working lights and a grimace that will make your cats run for cover.

New addition to the Pop Culture Shock stable is DC Comics Wall Statues! The line kicks off with Batman (naturally) with his cape extended, ready to drop in on crime. His wall mountable base includes a working Bat Signal flanked by gargoyles (which we are told are anatomically correct. ....we have no idea why..but yay details?)

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