Thursday, October 9, 2014

NYCC 2014: NECA Doesn't Disappoint: Aliens, Apes, Terminators, Robocops, Kaiju & More

NECA. How do we set up NECA? We say "Hold onto your butts",..which of course makes me think of Jurrasic Park and how much NECA would KILL IT on that line!!  Let's cross our fingers that they get some sort of license when the new movie hits. FOR NOW..we suggest the butt holding due to extreme awesome headed your way via an all star lineup from the masters of the 7 inch action figure...and we expected no less. We've got Aliens, Planet of the Apes, Horror, Terminator vs Robocop, Pacific Rim, HALO and  mooore. Rather than spend time listing things you clearly know about (mostly from San Diego Comic Con know..the world..), I thought we'd just jump right into the eye candy. Shall we? Yes, have some!

Dear my buddies at NECA, Please make proper Ghostbusters toys. pleasepleasepleasepleaseplesepleaseplease. Thank you. -Paul

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