Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Hello crazed comic con fans! We are days away from comic con part deux (AKA New York Comic Con) and as usual, we'll be tearing up the place for your viewing pleasure. Since it worked so well last time, you'll be able to follow the fun (bandwidth permitting) at the top of the website with our handy slideshow full of pics beamed directly from the show floor. FUTURE!! Maaaaaybe we'll even get some articles up along the way, but we usually would rather collect tons of content while we are there and run til we fall down instead of stopping to upload every 5 minutes.

When the show ends, I'll have 3 days to show you a few things and then it's off to Rock and Shock in Worcester, MA where I'll be slinging free stuff at the horror fans all weekend and running contests every hour for some killer prizes. This year's partners include Dark Horse, Viz, DC Comics, Quirk Books, Wolfcop, DeadOut, FEAR Online, Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead, Diamond Comics Distributors, Shout! Factory, Image Entertainment, Funko, Razor and soooo many more. Right next to our booth we'll have display cases set up showing off some killer collectibles from Diamond Select, Pop Culture Shock, Bigshot Toyworks, Shrunken Head Studios and more. 2 WEEKS OF MAYHEM!!! It's time to ply everyone's favorite game...LET'S BREAK PAUL!! I'm stronger this year...you can't kill me!!! ALL OF YOUR CONVENTIONS ARE BELONG TO US!!!

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