Friday, August 31, 2018

FOX Decides The Predator Movie is Fun

FOX The Predator final movie trailer
There are two titles in the realm of Scifi that get fans excited for future projects, but continually roll out tedious exercises in MORE of the same with zero charisma. Sadly, those titles are Aliens and Predator. News of a movie simply titled The Predator helmed by Shane Black, who is known for fantastically entertaining movies like Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and The Nice Guys, went a long way to rid memories of Aliens vs Predator and the like from people's brains, but there are still many skeptics. The initial synopsis and trailers were...unconvincing. Now, with 2 weeks til showtime, FOX has changed direction a full 180 degrees and presents us with a trailer that makes the new film look extremely fun!!

Upgrade your outlook to "cautiously optimistic"...

Splatter...good jokes...a psycho alien battle scenario that doesn't take itself too seriously....I'M IN!!

The Predator hits theaters September 14th!

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