Friday, August 17, 2018

Help Teachers to Help Our Kids with TEACHER'S AIDE

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For 2 to 7 hours a day, we put our children in the hands of trained professionals who would teach them all manor of subjects. From world history, which shows them how far we have come... and how far we have left to go, to math and science, with which they can unravel the very mysteries of the universe. We rely on special individuals...teachers...for safety, guidance and a strength of character we hope will be reflected back in our children's eyes. Sadly, shouldering all of these responsibilities does not pay the king's wage you might expect. Those left to mold the minds that will carve out the future of this nation often can not meet their own basic needs, and certainly can not afford to endow entire classes with supplies for special projects...or any projects at all. Creativity falls by the wayside. Imagination, stifled. This stands for both student and educational professional. Something must be done.

There is strength in unity...and while some of us don't have the financial means to support any number of worthy causes, we can still boost a signal. It is with this thought in mind that Idle Hands launches TEACHER'S AIDE. This page will serve as a home for our teachers, listing their Amazon Wishlists and if they so choose, a paypal donation link. Below you will (soon) find listings by state so you may support locally if you'd like, or scroll through the list and sponsor as you will. If you'd like to help us boost our signal, we invite you to share the link to this page across social media, and thank you for your consideration.

TEACHERS! Here's what we need to include you in our listings...

- First name
- State
- Subject matter - Grade(s)
- Link to your Amazon Wishlist
- Your Paypal donation link (if you have one)
- Yearbook style picture 100 x 100 (will be published)
- Picture of your face next to your Teacher's photo ID (will not be published)
- Picture of your hand holding your fully visible teacher's photo ID (will not be published)

Email all information and images to teachersaideproject at gmail dot com (email address spread out to avoid spam.)

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