Thursday, August 9, 2018

Mondo's Fight Club: The Home Game

Mondo's Fight Club The Home Game Deck Building Card Game

Become “complete” or “hit bottom” in Fight Club: The Home Game, a 2-player competitive deck-building card game. You will choose to embody one side of a split personality competing for control of a single mind.

Take on the role of either The Narrator or Tyler Durden as you play a game of tug of war with dual-use cards available in a shared draw row. The Narrator side feeds the need to collect, gather, and nest, while the Tyler side enables destruction, mayhem, and ultimately letting go by hitting bottom on a shared tracker both players struggle to dominate.

The game comes packed with over 140 cards (Basic, Sleep/Insomnia, Fight and Marla), a fold-out instruction poster, “Slide” tracker board and a Soap Tracker piece.

Game Design by Luke Byers and Jay Shaw. Cover art by Matt Taylor. Game art by Jay Shaw.

FIGHT CLUB: THE HOME GAME Available in stores and online this September 2018

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