Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hasbro Show Off their First Power Rangers Action Figure

Hasbro Power Rangers Action Figures
It's easy to forget that Hasbro are now the toy masters of Saban's Power Rangers when you have Star Wars, Marvel Comics and Movies, Transformers and all the other toy lines they crank out at a brisk pace to cloud your mind and devour your wallet. In truth, you really should be excited for the Power Rangers least if you are an adult collector! You see, in the past, the PR toy line was approached like any popular kid's toy line in that it was packed with action features and gimmicks tying into the roleplay items, with everything screaming BUY IT ALL!! This is fine and good and it was more than a little successful for many years, but the underserved die-hard fans were out there,  growing older and forced to look to other companies to get their adult collector fix. Where was the unified scale? One size for humans, one for monsters, at the very least, would have gotten collectors excited. Beyond that, we've got likenesses to consider and articulation which, for a show featuring kids who do martial arts, should be top notch. Consequently, these happen to be the things Hasbro has been fine tuning in their Marvel Legends line and now, the transference will be something fantastic to watch...

Cnet has the scoop..or rather the video showing Hasbro hard at work on their new White Ranger Tommy action figure! You'll note the articulation starts with what was perfected in the Marvel Legends line and strides a few steps further, while the likeness is fairly excellent from what we can see so far. If Hasbro starts showing off massive monsters for your new Rangers to fight, many a bank account is about to be toast! Want to see what would make action figure fans buy Power Rangers toys when they never have before? Watch this...

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