Thursday, June 22, 2023

POW! Kids Books Presents MOLLY & NIGHTMARE

POW! Kids Books Presents MOLLY & NIGHTMARE 01
Molly’s not like other girls… she wants a monster under her bed!

She’s lonely at school, so she decides to bring a friend. A big friend. A big, scary friend. She summons a monster called Nightmare, who tries his hardest to scare her—but he just can’t! Nightmare doesn’t understand why Molly is not frightened of him…but soon Molly and Nightmare become great friends, and go on many adventures together. And he promises to protect her from the things that do scare her, like loneliness and snapping turtles.

Molly & Nightmare is the story of a girl who turns an imaginary monster into a real friend…and of a monster who learns that he’s more than a menace under a bed.

"If you're looking for a friend, a monster probably wouldn't be your first choice. But Molly knows just what she's doing. This heartwarming story shares that no matter how unlikely a friendship might be, true friends stick together until the end (and even farther!) because learning to be a friend isn't just a 'one-and-done'—it's a gift that keeps on giving."
-Katy Duffield, children's book author

POW! Kids Books Presents MOLLY & NIGHTMARE 01

Molly & Nightmare: Avra, Shannon, Spencer, David: 9781648230196: Books

Shannon Avra is an anthropologist, a writer, and a seeker of adventure and kindness. She lives in Arkansas with her husband and daughter. This is her first picture book. You can see what she's up to at

David Spencer is an illustrator and designer. In his spare time he gets overexcited at movies with big robots, loves drawing monsters, guys in capes and other silly things. He has an undying affinity for anything that lets him be loud in social settings and when he isn’t drawing fun stuff he can be found helping his kids get into adventure wherever it may rear its head. 

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