Thursday, June 20, 2024

Bubble Chicken Farm Out Now on Steam Early Access

Bubble Chicken Farm Video Game RPG

Independent developer Red Sea Game Studio and publisher GoGo Games Interactive announce that Bubble Chicken Farm, an immersive RPG experience, is now available in Early Access on Steam.

In Bubble Chicken Farm, players explore unknown lands, build a dream farm, care for charming animals, grow exotic plants, create unique structures and use Bubble Chicken’s special powers to overcome challenges and enhance your farm's magic. 

Transition from a pirate life to embark on exciting quests, uncover secrets with Bubble Chicken, manage your farm by raising animals and planting crops, customize it with creative structures, connect with other players or play offline for a more intimate experience.

The final version will include additional levels, characters, game modes, and graphical and performance improvements. Content and features will be added based on player feedback during Early Access. New languages, including Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian, will also be introduced.


  • Explore vast unknown lands.
  • Build your own dream farm.
  • Care for charming animals.
  • Grow a variety of exotic plants.
  • Create incredible structures.
  • Use Bubble Chicken's special powers to overcome challenges and enhance your farm's magic.
  • Transition from pirate life to embark on exploration and exciting quests.
  • Raise adorable animals, plant exotic crops, and customize your farm.
  • Develop your farm with personalized structures and charming decorations.
  • Connect with other players to share tips, exchange resources, and cooperate on projects in online mode.
  • Play offline for a more intimate experience.

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