Thursday, June 20, 2024

A Quiet Place: Day One Featurettes

A Quiet Place Day One Final Poster

Horror fans love a good monster movie, especially when the concept and creature design is innovative, not derivative, and altogether terrifying. We've already had two visits to this alternate Earth invaded by horrifically bloodthirsty beasts, triggered to attack by the slightest sound, adding an additional layer of impending doom at all times. Now, Paramount takes us back to day one and the first attacks, hopefully to reveal some insight into the monster's origins while playing out the speedy disintegration of society as we knew it. I LOVE A GOOD APOCALYPSE!! The June 28th release date is not far off, so Paramount has sent over some chaotic (and adorable) featurettes to ignite your anticipation and get your blood pumping!

Experience the day the world went quiet.

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