Saturday, June 22, 2024

Hatchet: The Complete Collection Rises June 25th

Dark Sky Selects Hatchet The Complete Collection

The first official release from Dark Sky Selects is finally here. Adam Green's iconic Hatchet films are available for the first time together in one package: ADAM GREEN PRESENTS HATCHET: The Complete Collection. This Steelbook collection includes the uncensored versions of Hatchet, Hatchet 2, Hatchet 3 and Victor Crowley. The set also includes a 5th bonus disc featuring brand new bonus material. The complete collection drops June 25th.

Green's iconic Hatchet series returns in a blood-soaked, fully Unrated collection, uniting all four films for the first time packaged as a 5-disc Blu-ray Limited Edition Steelbook featuring nearly two hours of new bonus features.

Unleashed at a time when the fun of 80s slashers had all but disappeared from the cinematic landscape, Hatchet ushered in a new era of terror with its unapologetic brutality and introduction of Victor Crowley, the modern bogeyman, who ruthlessly hunts those who dare tread into his swamp. With each installment, the stakes escalate, delivering bigger, bloodier scares and a relentless barrage of inventive kills. So gather all your pieces, because it’s time to return to his swamp and learn once and for all that some legends truly never die.

The set will also include two brand new bonus pieces, Hatchet: Swamp Tales and Production Journals. This bonus material will be available exclusively with The Hatchet Complete Collection Limited Edition Steelbook.

Hatchet: The Complete Collection is the first of many iconic Dark Sky titles that will be available this year. Additional limited-edition releases of fan favorite films and merch will be announced throughout the year, which will only be available direct to consumer at

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