Friday, September 27, 2013

Holiday Showcase 2013: Teen Titans Go! From Jazwares

Jazwares have been earning a new title for themselves. DREAM MAKER!! The first expansive Mortal Kombat action figure line. Check. Release of Hanna Barbera and Nicktoons action figure lines in several scales AND plush which included characters no one had ever created before (in plastic), sent to the pegs simultaneously causing spontaneous geekgasms across the globe. Double Check. As they send new waves of Adventure Time and Regular Show merchandise hurtling toward toy shelves and enjoy the glee of kids everywhere as they find excellent Minecraft collectibles hitting their local toy haunts, Jazwares would like to ain't seen nuthin' yet.

Remember that odd little company that used to create sad lumps of badly painted plastic? Well..forget it. The new Jazwares is imaginative, fast to market and filled with risk taking mad...persons. Case in point...Teen Titans Go! Sure, this series has a new cartoon series...based on the old cartoon series...but it has yet to prove any sort of mega popularity with today's audience, and yet Jazwares are right on top of it. Are you ready for chibi-esque super hero cartoon madness? Let's GO!

Jazwares hits retail with a number of scales and formats to please every collector possible. Here's the lineup from smallest to largest...

Note: "Live" pictures are of prototypes and may not be finished pieces.

Deluxe 6 Pack Mini Figures:  A 2 inch figure window boxed set including Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire and Silkie

5 inch Figure Assortment: Includes Robin (pictured up top) and Cyborg

7 inch Plush Assortment: Includes Robin, Cyborg (see a pattern here?) and Trigon. Jazwares loves plush, so I suspect we'll see the whole crew when these do crazy well at retail.

Note: There are also Cyborg and Robin talking plush, but we barely scraped up images of them (we think that's the right Robin below), much less have knowledge of their scale. We believe they'll be similar to the Slamacow Adventure Time plush and Regular Show Wrestling Buddies which were around 20 inches.

8 inch Figure Assortment: Includes Robin (sorry no pics yet) and Cyborg

Roleplay Assortment: Includes Robin's Mask, Robin's Staff and Robin's Belt Buckle (all separate). Sorry again, no pics!

All items are tentatively set for an October release.  Special thanks to Time To Play Magazine for access!


  1. Why no 20 inch Trigon? That would've been so awesome!

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