Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jazwares Explores Minecraft

For a game as monumentally huge as Minecraft, it's baffling that there have only been a handful of collectibles on the market to feed your need for 8 bit awesome. Jazwares is about to change all that with everything from plush to papercraft to straight up action figures. Here's the run down...

Since launching in 2009, Minecraft has become one of the most popular and fastest growing video game licenses. Below is just a little bit of history on how an independent game built itself into one of the biggest licenses around.

Minecraft has been available as a downloadable Ap and released on PC and Xbox. A release on the new Xbox One and Playstation 4 is also confirmed. Over 24 million copies have been sold to date. The game has over 56 million registered users, over 7.6 million Youtube video uploads with the most popular viewed 111 million times, over 6.7 million Facebook fans and over 1.5 million Twitter followers. Minecraft is the hottest search term on Google ahead of LEGO, Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

3" Action Figures: Articulated, 4 character figure assortment including..
Steve with Building Block and Pick Axe
Creeper with TNT and Gunpowder
Zombie with Redstone Ore and Iron Sword
Enderman with Grass Block and Mushroom

Core Player Survival Pack: 3" articulated Steve figure with accessories - wooden pickaxe, wooden sword, workbench, bed, torch, chest and furnace. Suitable for 6+

Core Animal Mob Pack: 3" articulated figures including Chicken, Leopard, Wolf, Pig, Sheep and Cow in window box packaging. Suitable for 6+

Diamond Foam Sword: 23.56 inches long roleplay sword

Plush 7" assortment  includes Creeper, Enderman, Pig and Cow

Paper Craft Sets: Easy to build Paper Craft packs come in Utility, Hostile Mobs and Animal Mobs themes. 45 pieces in each set.

100 piece packs come in Shelter, Minecart and Snow Biome packs

225 Piece Overworld Deluxe Set includes Diamond Steve, Creeper, Pig, building blocks and accessories from the game as well as Mortar Tape and Storage Chest.

Product is set to start shipping this October, so be on the lookout!


  1. "it's baffling that there have only been a handful of collectibles"

    You might wanna do a little more research. There's tons of Minecraft collectables on the market.

    1. Must be foreign market? I've been to every Toy Fair for over 10 years and only saw the foam pick axe and sword and the 3 vinyl toys. Also, I didn't do research. It's an article on Jazwares collectibles. If you want to show us more, be my guest.

    2. go to toys r us they have the plushies and the paper craft and the Action Figures but they don't have the animal pack out

    3. go to toys r us they have these toys its jazwares

  2. Is Lego a foreign market? There's also way more than the foam items and vinyls. Might wanna check your local Target.

  3. Is here any photos of them out of the package? And how much articulation does each figure have?

    1. Cooking up an out of package pic of at least one of the figures. They are sort of like block figures with very basic 5 points of articulation.

  4. Great list, disregard the haters. Minecraft items are very hard to come buy, the lack of supplies for birthday parties is sad, the could make a killing! Thanks for the list, toys r us just started carrying some of the 'core' items.

  5. Are these for sale?

  6. I have seen most of these but would love to find the Core Animal Mob Pack. The Core figures are all over the place but I can't find that Animal Mob Pack anywhere on the internet.

  7. The Zombie has an Iron Ore block, not Redstone.