Friday, September 6, 2013

The Hot Toys Lone Ranger 1/6th scale Tonto Figure

Welp...the movie didn't do so hot...and Mr. Depp didn't exactly ingratiate himself with the public by blaming movie critics for the film's flop...but this is America, where we love jerks no matter what they do...AND BUY ACTION FIGURES OF THEM! Yay. Hot Toys adds to your legion of high end, eerily life-like 12 inch action figures with the white faced, crow headed, insane American Indian you want to snuggle up with and go "shhh..shhh...just make another pirates movie...shhhh".

Hot Toys – MMS217 – The Lone Ranger: 1/6th scale Tonto Collectible Figure Specification
~ Movie Masterpiece Series ~

The 1/6th scale Tonto Collectible Figure’s special features:
-          Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Johnny Depp as Tonto in The Lone Ranger
-          Head sculpt with real-like facial expression, detailed wrinkles, face paint and gesture
-          Real fabric hair implantation in black long straight hair with tribal accessories
-          Detailed crow and bandana sculpture on head
-          Approximately 30 cm tall
-          TrueType body with over 30 points of articulation and tattoos
-          Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable palms including:
           One (1) pair of fists
           One (1) pair of relaxed palms
           One (1) pair of weapon holding palms
           One (1) left open palm for holding pocket watch
-           Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

-          One (1) black and bronze-colored tribal necklace
-          One (1) brown and white tribal armband
-          One (1) white and bronze-colored bracelet
-          One (1) bronze-colored bracelet
-          One (1) leather-like black belt
-          One (1) multi-colored belt
-          One (1) orange-colored belt
-          One (1) pair of brown pants with pouch and tribal decorations
-          One (1) pair of brown moccasins

-          One (1) dagger with sheath
-          Two (2) axes
-          One (1) pistol

-          Two (2) pocket watches
-          Figure stand with Tonto nameplate and movie logo

-              Head Sculpted by Kojun
-              Head Painted by JC. Hong
-              Head Art Directed by JC. Hong

** Prototype shown is not final, pending licensor approval
** Product details could be subjected to change without further notice

Release date:     Q1-Q2, 2014  Click HERE to pre-order!

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