Thursday, September 12, 2013

NYCC 2013: Captain Action Exclusives

In just one month, the second largest comic book and pop culture convention in the world lights up the sleepy, hum-drum little city known as New York. As the convention grows to mammoth proportions and adds an additional day to assure your complete nerdification, we noted the need for San Diego Comic-Con levels of coverage for the one element you generally need to scour 50 websites to get a complete picture of. THE EXCLUSIVES!!

Captain Action (booth 226) kicks things off with a selection of awesome products celebrating the retro appeal of this amazing license and guaranteed to set your geeky mind ablaze. Items on tap include...

1. Dr. Evil in a Retro Box - Dr. Evil in retro style “coffin box”.   Harkening back to the sixties, these so-called coffin boxes were the standard form of packaging in an age before blister packs.   Additionally, this retro-style packaging shows the insidious costume sets for Dr. Evil; Thor’s evil-half brother Loki and the upcoming costume sets as well The Joker, The Red Skull and Brainiac.

The Dr. Evil NYCC Exclusive comes complete with figure, costume, additional face mask , alien ray gun, hypno medallion and three interchangeable brains. Also included will be three collectible trading cards featuring characters from the Captain Action universe. Limited to 350 pieces.

2. The CA NYCC Sketchbook / Coloring Book - Building upon the fan enthusiasm for convention sketchbooks, this 44 page book will feature “Action Artwork” by an impressive collection of comic artists, Including John Byrne, Joe Jusko, Ron Frenz, Ruben Procopio, Steven E. Gordon and Art Thibert. With a nod to the retro past that the Captain Action so often embraces, this limited edition is designed to evoke the look and feel of a classic 1960’s Coloring Book.

“Captain Action, Dr. Evil and Lady Action are long overdue to star in their own coloring book,” said Ed Catto, a founding partner of Captain Action Enterprises. “From the painted cover to the black-and-white interior images to the corny captions – Its all designed to make the reader feel as if he’s stumbled across a lost coloring book in a forgotten corner of some out-of-the-way antique store.”
Toy and robot collectors will also enjoy select pages featuring other CAE retro properties, including the Zeroids. This NYCC Limited Edition Convention Exclusive will be sold at the Captain Action booth at the New York Comic Con, and retail for $9.99.

3. Codename:Action Limited Edition Variant (only 200 printed) - This NYCC Variant Exclusive Edition of Codename:Action #1 is limited to only 200 copies and features a photo of the new Captain Action action figure. Codenname:Action, the new hit series from Dynamite Entertainment, tells the story of Captain Action's early adventures, as he teams up with heroes like the Green Hornet, Kato, American Crusader, Operator #5 and Black Venus!

Hit up booth 226 at New York Comic Con this October 10-13!

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