Saturday, September 21, 2013

Meet The Ugglys

In a world where the forces of cute and intolerably adorable clash for supremacy of the toy isles on a daily bases, one product rises above the others and, through sheer force of originality and somewhat disgusting features, shall win the hearts of all children who can't really get down with pastel ponies. Introducing...The Ugglys from Moose Toys! The adorkable farting, belching, fly infested pug puppies who should really look into their diet. Making those noises from all your can't be healthy.

Meet The Ugglys, the grossest electronic pup-pet yet! Open his mouth to burp, scrunch him up to fart! There’s over 30 hilarious gross noises as well as a cool warp function which pitches each sound up and down! Pups come in beige, brown and grey with Uggdoption papers so you can make it all imaginary legal-like and someday, pass the family empire onto your flatulent pet, as any eccentric millionaire would. Our friends at Toys R Us say the pups will be hitting stores this week, so if hearing a fart noise makes any child in your house...from age 5 to 50...giggle uncontrollably, this is the puppet pet for you!

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