Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pillaging Pop Culture Series 2: Bears Gone Bad

This Sunday, September 8th at noon EST, will mark the release of Task One's second 3" custom series in his "Pillaging Pop Culture" line of 3-inch customs.

Pillaging Pop Culture is a tribute to today's artists who are pillaging icons from our childhood to sell art. Well, if you're gonna steal from the rich, at least make it affordable to the poor by pricing the art as low as possible.

The blind-boxed, custom hand-painted Bears Gone Bad figures will be just $24.99 per blind box, or $299.99 for a complete set of 12 figures.

marijuana: 1/8
caffeine: 1/8
alcohol: 1/8
huffer: 1/8
mushrooms: 1/8
ecstacy: 1/8
acid: 1/16
heroin: 1/16
crack: 1/16
cocaine: 1/16
nicotine: 1/16
meth: 1/16

As an added bonus, there are variants for some of the figures, like the Huffer figures and Nicotine figures.

Check out www.tenacioustoys.com for further details!

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