Monday, February 24, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: Back On Track...Barely

15 years or so of Toy Fair and I still don't know how to avoid being attacked by geek plague. Still a rookie. Suffice to say, during the closing hours of the show, my condition was deteriorating, though I ignored it...and that night I was exhausted and ate diner like a hobo fighting for the non muddied bits of an overturned bucket of KFC, but still overlooked the signs...and since my girlfriend works like most of the human race, I did my load out from her place at 6am, rode back to central New Jersey and had just enough energy to hook my computer back up before totally falling apart. There, face down on my couch with Star Trek: Deep Space 9 playing in the background, I remained immobile til my mom took pity on me and brought me a bag of drugs the likes of which would make Hunter S. Thompson turn his nose up in disgust. Sure, we aren't professional pill poppers at Idle Hands, but we know the secrets of NyQuil, Aleve and Sudafed, and so, like a delirious, unsteady toddler, I stumbled around my apartment for the last four days, gauging my competence, periodically, at such advanced skills as accurate key striking and keeping the computer screen in focus (the damn thing likes to vibrate when it's angry.)  I'm still not 100%, but there's MOUNTAINS of toys to talk let's get back to it!

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