Thursday, February 27, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: Nintendo Steals Center Stage

It amazes me that, every year at Toy Fair, not only are the Mario Brothers present somewhere on the show floor, but they've been presented in a new format, new scale or delivered in a way we've yet to see. It is like the slowest roll out of an amazing, evolving toy line! Few other licenses can boast as much. Today, We'll visit with JAKKS Pacific and Tamashii Nations to check out their contributions to the immortal worlds of Nintendo.

For the first time ever, JAKKS Pacific has teamed up with Nintendo to bring fans the latest and greatest toys featuring favorite characters from Nintendo!

Kids can take their play to new heights with Nintendo Wall Climbers! These incredible cars based on the highly anticipated Mario Kart 8 game for Wii U console coming in Spring 2014, can literally drive up the wall or any smooth surface. The remote controlled vehicles have a vacuum suction feature that activates to keep it adhered to the wall as it moves forward, back, left and right – wherever it’s directed to go! Choose from Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. (SRP $24.99, Ages 8+).

Our new 7.5 Inch Nintendo Plush are soft and cuddly and features the classic Super Mario Characters including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Princess Peach. The plush line also includes a variety of characters from upcoming games such as Pikmin, Zelda and Donkey Kong! (SRP $7.99, Ages 3+)

Kids can keep the action going with the 2.5 Inch Nintendo Figures. These highly detailed figures bring to life many characters for the first time from games such as Metroid, Kid Icarus, Zelda, F-Zero, Pikmin, and more! Collect all 16 characters! Up to 26 different characters are planned. (SRP $3.99, Ages 3+)

On the flip side of that, we have a 28 inch Mario, which you can use as a driving buddy for the car pool lane, virtual boyfriend on those lonely nights, or wingman at the night club. Ok..he's not quite THAT big...but it would be funny....and considering JAKKS has a life size Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on the way...Mario might eat a mushroom and get biggie sized real soon.

And now...the most amazing thing you will see all week.
Super Mario Kart fans get ready for the Super Mario Kart Ride-On Vehicle! This replica of Mario’s actual kart is a rechargeable ride-on which can hold up to 70 pounds and features on and off road tires, a real working horn, sounds from the Mario Kart 7 Game, and more! (SRP $199.99, Ages 2-4+)

To answer your questions...
1. It can hold up to 70lbs
2. They didn't know how fast it goes
3. It doesn't spit out turtle shells
4. It goes on and off road

Onto Tamashii Nations who are bringing us the Mario action figure your heart has been aching for all your life.

At long last, Tamashii Nations is proud to introduce the world’s first fully posable, adult collectible of Super Mario!  Step into the world of Nintendo with the most recognizable video game mascot of all time.  This highly advanced S.H.Figuarts articulation allows for precise posing to bring all the intense video game action directly to your fingertips.  S.H.Figuarts Super Mario features “?" Block, coin, coin stand, and a super mushroom.  Separately sold diorama playsets allow you to expand the Mario world.  Don't flush your money down a warp pipe on inferior merchandise; this is the Mario to brawl with.

S.H.Figuarts: Mario Diorama Playset A
S.H.Figuarts Diorama Play Sets allow you to take full advantage of S.H.Figuarts Mario and feature a variety of option parts to enhance the action figure posing experience. Diorama Play Set A features “? block”, brick blocks (x2), Goomba, triple block combining parts, coin, coin stands (x2), special display stand for bringing Mario into aerial overhead block punching poses, and display support arm.
S.H.Figuarts: Mario Diorama Playset B
S.H.Figuarts Diorama Play Sets allow you to take full advantage of S.H.Figuarts Mario and feature a variety of option parts to enhance the action figure posing experience. Diorama Play Set B features two pipe parts, pipe adjustment parts, Goomba, coin, coin stands (x2), green shell, interchangeable hand parts for holding green shell, and green shell connecting parts.

Click HERE to see the Super Mario toys from K'NEX!

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  1. Everything looks good but, I still want a Big Bowser Action Figure. DO not think the Koopa King deserves something? If Tamashii Nations is releasing Mario it is posible that Bowser and DK would make it, but I am afraid the prices of them because those kind of items are not cheap.