Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: Underground Toys/Character & Character Building Doctor Who

We are going to breeze right through this one, as the die hards have probably already seen the lot on day 1 and we've only got what info could be read on signs about the room, so it's all pretty straight forward. I will note that the company producing IS Character, but in the states, Underground Toys is the name you'd know at retail. Character Building is the only name you'd need to know for the construction sets, but we've yet to see them on sale here. ~Screams at the sky in anguish~

On display were the following Underground Toys/ Character Action figures, Playsets, plush and Roleplay items...
Plush Light and Sound Zygon, Cyberman and Dalek

Sonic Screwdriver Heritage Line: 5th Doctor, 10th Doctor, 11th Doctor, River Song's Sonic, Sarah Jane Smith's Sonic Lipstick and a last one we couldn't get the name of.

3.75 inch Dalek Attack Ship with Dalek

Time Zone Playsets for 3.75 inch figures: TARDIS (4 stand alone adventure sets make up the console room), "Hide" set with Hider figure and 6 clock accessories, "The Angels Take Manhattan" set with 6 Cherub figurines

Spin and Fly TARDIS with spring loaded doors, take off and landing light and sound effects, and the new TARDIS interior

3.75 inch action figures including:
12th Doctor regenerated with 11th's outfit and new head
11th Doctor in tweed jacket
Assault Dalek with claw (heritage line)
Imperial Guard Dalek black dome with sensor arm
Screaming Weeping Angel w new deco
Clara (new red dress)
Genesis Dalek (heritage line)
12th Doctor in new outfit
10th Doctor in long coat
Amy Pond
10th Doctor in a suit (rare figure)
and 2 new monsters!

Character Building had series 4 mini figures, a Sontaran Battle Pod Vehicle Set and a playset that could be the new TARDIS? Sure looks like it!

New York Toy Fair is mere DAYS away, so keep checking back for more!
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