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Toy Fair 2014: JAKKS Pacific's 2014 Lineup with Maleficent, Nintendo, Disney Pirate Fairies & More

Toy Fair kicks off later today with a giant sized helping of Hasbro products, followed by the actual show opening its doors Sunday morning. Until then, we are sure to see the press releases fall like rain...or is the case on the east coast. No more snow. Please lord...please. ~the shoveling...~ Today, JAKKS unleashed their 2014 lineup, and while there are no accompanying pictures, information on a new Nintendo toy line and Maleficent products add to the building anticipation for the actual product reveals at the show....something we haven't had much of this year! Let's dive right in...

For the first time ever, JAKKS Pacific has teamed up with Nintendo to bring fans the latest and greatest toys featuring favorite characters from Nintendo!

Kids can take their play to new heights with Nintendo Wall Climbers! These incredible cars based on the highly anticipated Mario Kart 8 game coming in Spring 2014, can literally drive up the wall or any smooth surface. The remote controlled vehicles have a vacuum suction feature that activates to keep it adhered to the wall as it moves forward, back, left and right – wherever it’s directed to go! Choose from Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. (SRP $24.99, Ages 8+).

Our new 7.5 Inch Nintendo Plush are soft and cuddly and features the classic Super Mario Characters including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Princess Peach. The plush line also includes a variety of characters from upcoming games such as Pikmin, Zelda and Donkey Kong! (SRP $7.99, Ages 3+)

Kids can keep the action going with the 2.5 Inch Nintendo Figures. These highly detailed figures bring to life many characters for the first time from games such as Metroid, Kid Icarus, F-Zero, Pikmin, and more! Collect all 16 characters! (SRP $3.99, Ages 3+)

Super Mario Kart fans get ready for the Super Mario Kart Ride-On Vehicle! This replica of Mario’s actual kart is a rechargeable ride-on which can hold up to 70 pounds and features on and off road tires, a real working horn, sounds from the Mario Kart 7 Game, and more! (SRP $199.99, Ages 2-4+)

Max Tow Truck
Get pumped for the ultimate in toy trucks – Max Tow Truck! One of the most powerful toy trucks to hit the market, this beast has dozens of sound effects and phrases, can climb objects and most importantly, it can pull and push up to 200 pounds! (SRP $59.99, Ages 4+)

New for 2014, JAKKS has created all new 31-inch figures based on iconic properties such as Star Wars and more! These giant figures have highly-detailed features and more articulation than ever before. (SRP $29.99 and up, Ages 3+) Click HERE for a look at the Star Wars Big Figures!

JAKKS Pacific’s MXS® toy line is a leading brand of motocross toys, delivering the top riders, authentic motocross bikes, and the biggest names in motocross apparel and motorcycle manufacturers. JAKKS' MXS product line includes miniature performance bikes with real sound effects, fully articulated rider figures with removable helmets and accessories, stunt bikes that capture the best stunts in the sport, customizable collectible bikes, and radio control bikes.
New for 2014, perform slammin’ stunts with the MXS® Freestyle Bike! With three different bikes available, boys can collect them all to perform each unique stunt including Cliff Hanger, Super Hero and Lazy Boy. Includes a free DVD with awesome Motocross content. (SRP $12.99, Ages 5+)

Boys can perform cool freestyle stunts from motocross events with the all-new MXS® Stunt Ramp! By simply adjusting the ramp, tricks such as a long jump, front flip and back flip are possible. Includes one bike and rider, a Stunt Clip and a foam pit to land the tricks awesome tricks! The MXS® Stunt Ramp is compatible with all 1:16 scale MXS® bikes while using the Stunt Clip. (SRP $29.99, Ages 5+)

Introducing miWorld™! The only line of super realistic playsets that allows girls to build, play, collect and connect a miniature world of their favorite stores! The miWorld Mall features all the trendiest stores that girls love including: Claire’s Jewelry and Accessory Shop, Sprinkles Cupcakes, OPI Nail Salon, Dairy Queen Restaurant and Sweet Factory Candy Shop. Also, be sure to look for the free miWorld Mall app in the Apple App Store to play mini games, interact with each store, design your own virtual avatar and bring her to life inside your physical miWorld playset! miWorld™ - it’s real world made mini!

miWorld™ Starter Playsets
The miWorld™ Starter Environment sets are the perfect intro to miWorld, featuring Sprinkles Cupcakes, OPI Nail Salon and Dairy Queen Restaurant. So cute and tiny and you won’t believe how detailed and realistic each playset is! When assembled, each Starter Playset is 7.5 inches wide and includes 2 walls, 1 floor, 1 sticker sheet and over 25 accessories for girls to build and customize. (SRP $14.99, Ages 7+)

miWorld™ Deluxe Playsets
The miWorld™ Deluxe playsets are the largest of the miWorld sets and include everything you need to build and customize either the Claire’s Jewelry and Accessory Store or the Sweet Factory Candy Shop. When assembled, each Deluxe Set is 15 inches wide and includes 2 back walls, 2 side walls, 2 floor pieces, 1 shop girl doll, 1 sticker sheet and over 50 accessories for girls to build and customize. All miWorld sets snap together allowing kids to connect stores vertically or horizontally to build their dream mall! (SRP $29.99, Ages 7+)

miWorld™ Collector Packs
Continue to build and add to your miWorld™ Mall with these fun Collector Packs. Each pack comes with 6-8 super tiny, realistic miniature accessories that match each playsets. Each accessory in the Collector Packs is highly detailed and so realistic that kids will even want to play with them on their own! Two Collector Packs are available for each Claire's, Sweet Factory, Dairy Queen, Sprinkles and OPI set! (SRP $2.99, Ages 7+)

The new miWorld™ Mall app utilizes patented iD™ recognition technology to identify 2D images and 3D objects to bring to life the miWorld playsets on iOS smartphone and tablet devices. Girls can use the iD recognition technology to enjoy two ways to play with their miWorld playsets. The unique augmented reality experience allows girls to interact with their avatar and the physical playset on their device screen through “hotspots” showcased in the app and enjoy magical surprises. Within the app, they can customize their miWorld avatar, faux-shop at virtual miWorld stores, change the outfits and accessories of their avatar, and take their virtual miWorld on the go. They can also play games and collect coins to unlock new activities and prizes!

The app works in conjunction with the new miWorld toyline – featuring collaborations with multiple top consumer products and retail companies including CLAIRE’S®, DAIRY QUEEN®, OPI®, SPRINKLES CUPCAKES™ and SWEET FACTORY. From candy shops and accessory stores, to nail salons and cupcake bakeries, miWorld playsets allows girls to build, play, collect, and connect a miniature world of their favorite stores.

Introducing Vivitz™- a complete fashion activity system that combines the best of craft play, activity play and fashion play all in one! This easy to use, creative system offers multiple configurations that you can connect, create, take apart and start all over again. Always a positive end result, girls can craft anything from bracelets to picture frames with this bendable, fashionable and inventive new line! Vivitz™- It’s what you make it!

Vivitz™ Starter Kits (SRP $9.99, Ages 5+)

I Heart Jewelry Kit – spice up your jewelry collection with this creative kit that contains over 200 pieces and can make up to 8 items including necklaces, bracelets and more!

Glam to Go Kit –This fun kit contains 200 pieces and can make up to 7 accessories including a cell phone holder, flip-flop decorations and more.
Vivitz™ Medium Kits (SRP $14.99, Ages 5+)

Ultimate Accessory Kit –up your fashion game with this stylish kit containing over 150 pieces and enough style power to make up to 7 accessories including a real working watch, belt and more!

My Style at Home Kit – this creative kit contains over 350 pieces and can make up to 3 large accessories including a mirror, picture frame and light switch cover.
Vivitz™ Large Kits (SRP $19.99, Ages 5+)

My Room My Way Kit – redesign your room with this kit containing over 450 pieces that can make up to 7 fun and funky items including a mouse pad, a string of light decorations and more!
Rockin’ Locker Kit – take cool to a whole new level with this fashionable locker kit containing over 375 pieces to make up to 6 accessories including a dry erase board, a working disco ball chandelier and more.

Plus, you can add to your collection with fun Vivitz™ Refill Kits (SRP $4.99, Ages 5+). Each contains 3 different colors and over 75 new pieces to make for endless building and collecting.

Cabbage Patch Kids®
New from Cabbage Patch Kids® are Special Occasion Babies! Standing 12.5 inches high with beautiful white satin outfits, they are the perfect gift to commemorate any special event such as a Baby Shower, Christening, Baptism or Flower Girl moment. Special Occasion Babies include adoption papers, a birth certificate with a one of a kind name and birthday and the iconic baby fresh scent that everyone remembers about Cabbage Patch Kids. (SRP $24.99, Ages 2+)

Cabbage Patch Kids® Around the World Cuties are the cutest! These adorable, cuddly Cuties come dressed up as animals from around the world. Animals in the product line include a Monkey from South America, a Panda from Asia, a Koala from Australia, a Fox from North America and a Polar Bear from Antarctica! Around the World Cuties are 9 inches high and include the iconic baby fresh scent that everyone remembers about Cabbage Patch Kids. (SRP $9.99, Ages 18 months+)

Disney Junior’s Sofia the First
In 2014, JAKKS Pacific is continuing the magic with plush, dress up and role-play products inspired by Sofia the First! Based on the hit animated TV series airing on Disney Junior, Sofia the First, fans will love dressing up like Sofia and learning how to dance with Clover and more!

Girls can learn how to curtsy just like Sofia! The beautiful Royal Curtsy Dress is the perfect dress for little princesses-in-training to learn to curtsy. Its satin and ruffle details and shimmer print will make little girls feel like true princesses! The Royal Curtsy Dress comes with a bonus Magical Lesson Card to use in Sofia’s Magical Talking Amulet (sold separately). Discover a secret princess-in-training lesson on each card and collect them all! (SRP $19.99, Ages 3+)

Learn Clover's famous dance moves with the Dance with Me Clover plush! Sofia’s best friend, Clover, hops, spins, flaps his ears and even wags his tail. With the simple squeeze of his hand, Clover teaches kids his moves step-by-step in learning mode and sings and dances with kids in dance mode. With two interactive play modes, kids are sure to have hours of fun with Clover as he sings the Blue Ribbon Bunny song, just like in the show. The Dance with Me Clover plush also comes with a bonus Magical Lesson Card to use in Sofia’s Magical Talking Amulet (sold separately). Discover a secret princess-in-training lesson on each card and collect them all! (SRP $29.99, Ages 3+)

JAKKS’ new Sofia's Magical Talking Amulet now lights up! Simply insert one of the Magical Lesson Cards into the Amulet to hear Sofia teach a royal lesson. Watch as the Amulet illuminates its iconic lavender glow as Sofia shares her lessons. Sofia's Magical Talking Light-Up Amulet comes with 12 Magical Lesson Cards and 1 exclusive collector case. Sofia's iconic amulet is the perfect royal accessory to learn about kindness, friendship and more! (SRP $14.99, Ages 3+)

The Talking Princess Sofia plush is the perfect princess friend. Sofia loves to talk and make new friends and has lots of royal secrets to share! The Talking Princess Sofia plush shares 12 princess lessons and says fun, interactive phrases. Little princesses will love spending hours talking and playing with the soft and cuddly Sofia! It comes with a bonus Magical Lesson Card to use in Sofia’s Magical Talking Light-Up Amulet (sold separately). Discover a secret princess-in-training lesson on each card and collect them all! (SRP $19.99, Ages 3+)

Little ones can play and be creative with the all-new Sofia the First Color n’ Play Activity Playland. This innovative playland comes complete with 20 soft flex balls, a fun ball toss roof and four erasable
markers for hours of imaginative coloring and activities! Come join the new girl in crown for some exciting adventures in this beautiful play environment. (SRP $29.99, Ages 2+)

Disney’s Maleficent
Enter the world of Disney’s Maleficent and discover the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain. From Maleficent’s beautiful and beloved forest home filled with magical creatures, to the king’s castle where her fateful encounter with Princess Aurora changes both of their lives forever, follow Maleficent’s journey and experience the story of Sleeping Beauty as it’s never been told before. Timed to the release of Disney’s Maleficent in theaters this May, JAKKS Pacific relives the magic with the beautifully detailed 11.5 inch Maleficent Fashion Dolls that kids and collectors alike will love.

Play out the story of the beautiful and mysterious Maleficent and make her come to life! The 11.5 inch Maleficent Fashion Doll features the dark beauty Maleficent in her black, glittery gown with dramatic drape and detailed iconic curved horns. This doll has a true-to-character look and feel inspired by Disney’s Maleficent. (SRP $19.99, Ages 3+)

Live out the magical and enchanted world of Sleeping Beauty with the captivating, beautiful Aurora. The 11.5 inch Aurora Fashion Doll features beloved Aurora in her light blue gown with golden floral accents placed throughout her silhouette and detailed sash. This doll has a true-to-character look and feel inspired by Disney’s Maleficent. (SRP $19.99, Ages 3+)

Children and collectors alike will love the beautiful Aurora Collector Doll. This gorgeous 11.5 inch collectible fashion doll features Aurora’s signature golden gown and long, stunning train with detailed accents. With flowing golden hair and floral crown with intricate detailing, the Aurora Collector Doll is truly authentic to the Maleficent film. (SRP $39.99, Ages 3+)

Additionally, girls can magically transform into Maleficent and Aurora with a role play line from JAKKS Pacific inspired by Maleficent.

Live out the enchanted world of Sleeping Beauty with Aurora’s Floral Tiara. Aurora’s Tiara features beautiful floral details inspired by Maleficent’s beloved forest and the iconic pink flower icon. The headband style design is perfect for ease of wear and inspired by the iconic tiara Princess Aurora wears in Disney’s Maleficent. (SRP $7.99, Ages 6+)

Golden and true to Princess Aurora! Little girls will love Aurora’s Golden Wig that features long, beautiful soft waves styled in Aurora’s iconic hairstyle. Aurora’s Golden Wig also comes with a floral hair clip inspired by Maleficent’s beloved forest from Disney’s Maleficent. (SRP $14.99, Ages 6+)

Inspired by Maleficent’s iconic horns from Disney’s Maleficent, Maleficent’s Horns are the perfect item to make your Maleficent look complete. At the press of a button, the horns illuminate a purple glow for a cool, mysterious look. Fans will love the glow and style of these iconic horns. (SRP $9.99, Ages 6+)

Maleficent’s Signature Horns are the ultimate gift to bring the mysterious untold story of Maleficent to life. Experience the beauty of Maleficent through the detailed iconic horns just like what she wears in the movie! This headpiece features textured leatherette detail and satin for a true-to-character look and feel inspired by Disney’s Maleficent. (SRP $19.99, Ages 6+)

Disney’s Frozen
From the team that brought you Tangled, Disney's Frozen is about two beautiful princesses with unique personalities and characteristics. JAKKS Pacific has launched a line of dolls, dress-up and role play items which allow girls to live out the adventures of Princess Anna and Princess Elsa and bring elements of each sister’s unique personality to life!

New for 2014, bring Elsa’s snow kingdom to life with the Frozen Crystal Kingdom Vanity! With iconic details from Disney’s Frozen like Elsa’s ice bridge, the Frozen Crystal Kingdom Vanity is perfect for giving royal makeovers and storing jewelry. Press the heart gem and watch as the magic mirror magically changes from Anna to Elsa. The play vanity has two sound effects, one for each sister and also plays “For the First Time in Forever” from Disney’s Frozen. To get the perfect look, the Frozen Crystal Kingdom Vanity comes with a comb, necklace and barrette with hair extension. (SRP $49.99 Ages 3+)

Girls can become just like Elsa with Elsa’s Magical Musical Gloves! Little girls will love wearing the gloves and pretending to magically transform things to ice. These motion-activated gloves make twinkling ice sounds as gloves are waved around. Press the button on the glove to hear Elsa’s iconic song, “Let it Go!” (SRP $14.99, Ages 3+)

Bring the magic of Disney's Frozen to life with Elsa's Musical Snow Wand! This wand features an Elsa figurine inside of a mini snow globe, on top of a beautiful wand. Shake to watch the snow magically swirl around Elsa, then press the button to hear Elsa sing “Let it Go” from the film. (SRP $12.99, Ages 3+)

Girls can play out their very own Frozen adventures with the Elsa Toddler Doll and Anna Toddler Doll. Each are dressed in their iconic outfits from the film and have beautiful braided hair, a hairbrush and a royal tiara. For even more fun, Elsa and Anna come with their adorable and silly friend, Olaf! Each doll is sold separately. (SRP $24.99, Ages 3+)

Little girls will look beautiful in the Enchanting Anna Dress or the Enchanting Elsa Dress from Disney’s Frozen! Perfect for dress-up play, the Anna dress has a satiny skirt with glittery flowers and the dress' bodice is decorated with a beautiful glitter design and cameo of Anna. The Elsa dress has a multi-layer skirt with glittery snowflakes and the dress' bodice is decorated with a beautiful glitter design and cameo of Elsa. This dress is great for everyday play or costume parties. With no buttons or zippers, kids can easily take this dress on and off without Mom's help. (SRP $19.99, Ages 3+)

No dress is complete without the perfect pair of shoes! The beautiful Frozen Sparkle Shoes will look great with the Anna or Elsa dresses. Each pair of shoes comes in a custom color to match each sister’s look, complete with a cameo and bow to match. Sparkle and shine with every frosty step! (SRP $7.99, Ages 3+)

Girls can look like Anna or Elsa with the beautiful Frozen Wigs! Anna's wig features her iconic braids with shimmer strands and beautiful pink ribbons. Elsa’s icy blonde wig features shimmer strands and beautiful blue ribbons. Each wig is the perfect addition to complete the transformation into Elsa or Anna! (SRP $14.99, Ages 3+) To add even more beauty to the wigs, the Frozen Tiaras will be available in pink and blue and sparkle and shine just like Anna and Elsa’s do in the movie. (SRP $6.99, Ages 3+)

Disney Princess
Disney Princess fans: get ready for a magical, enchanted evening under the sparkling stars in 2014! Little girls will love immersing themselves in the worlds of their favorite Disney Princess characters in the all-new Disney Princess Enchanted Evening Dress Up collection. Each dress features a gold cameo design of a Disney Princess character, plenty of sparkles, exquisite details and for the first time, two-toned fabric with gold glitter designs (SRP $19.99, Ages 3+).

Girls can complete their Disney Princess ensemble with the new Disney Princess Enchanted Evening Shoes (SRP $7.99, Ages 3+) and Disney Princess Tiara (SRP $7.99, Ages 3+) collections. Each pair of the new two-toned play heels features glitter, bows and an image of the iconic Disney Princess characters to compliment the dresses. The tiara collection also features a gold cameo, as well as big, beautiful gems and beads which sparkle and shine!

Little girls’ royal wishes will come true with the Disney Princess Toddler Dolls! The Disney Princess characters are dressed in their very special dresses which are decorated with a glittery scene from their fairytale adventures. Their matching tiaras sparkle with beautiful jewels. Choose from Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Elsa or Anna. (SRP $19.99, Ages 3+)

Little girls can keep their most precious jewelry safe with their favorite Disney Princess characters in the Disney Princess Jewelry Box. Shaped like a castle, little girls can choose from two different styles featuring Aurora or Cinderella figurines and each box includes a key. When the princess figurines are placed in the center of the Jewelry Box, songs from their iconic films start to play! (SRP $16.99, Ages 3+)

Get connected to the Disney Princess world with the Disney Princess Magic Glow Fortune Phone! Little girls can turn on the Disney Princess Magic Glow Fortune Phone and listen as their favorite Princess calls them and gives them a special message. Press the heart button as Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty share their secrets and watch as the phone magically glows in the color of the Princess speaking. Don’t forget to ask the fairy godmother a question and listen to her advice! (SRP $19.99, Ages 3+)

The Disney Princess Royal Kingdom Kitchen Café is a magical two-sided play kitchen featuring several Disney Princess characters. Girls can experience the magic of the Disney Princess world as they learn to cook, host and serve like a Princess. This kitchen café allows girls to “cook up” magical treats in the kitchen and then display them in their café! The Royal Kingdom Kitchen Café features five magical sounds including two stove sounds, ice dispensing and running water sounds and magnificent welcome music as the kitchen café’s shutters are opened. The Royal Kingdom Kitchen Café comes with 3 accessories including a gold frying pan, a teapot and a tea cup. (SRP $79.99, Ages 3+)

Disney Fairies
This Spring timed with the Blu-ray™ and DVD release of The Pirate Fairy, JAKKS Pacific is bringing the magic home with a line of pirate themed-Disney Fairies Fashion Dolls, role play and dress up items.

A must-have for all Disney Fairies fans! The Disney Fairies Pirate Fairy 9” Deluxe Fashion Dolls features fan favorite fairies dressed in dazzling pirate fashions from the swashbuckling new adventure, The Pirate Fairy. These deluxe fairies are fully poseable and are dressed in highly detailed pirate fashions. The collection includes Tink, Periwinkle, Rosetta and introduces, Zarina, a smart and ambitious dust-keeper fairy (SRP $16.99, Ages 3+).

Now little girls can dress up and look just like her favorite fairy with these all-new dazzling, Disney Fairies Pirate themed pixie dresses. Each dress has fun sparkle and glitter details and includes a pair of fairy wings to complete the pixie look. (SRP $19.99, Ages 3+)

Shopping at Tink’s Boutique is so much fun! The boutique is filled with dazzling dresses and fun accessories Tink created from jewels and gems found in a mysterious treasure chest that washed ashore. Tink’s Boutique comes with a 4.5” Tink doll, 15+ fashion and accessories to create fun, pixie outfits for everyone’s favorite fairy friends. (SRP $14.99, Ages 4+)

Watch as Tink sparkles in the sky with the all-new Disney Fairies Light Up Sky High Tink! Simply pull the string and watch as Tink lights up and flies up to 10 feet high! Little girls will love playing with Light Up Sky High Tink even when the sun goes down! (SRP $14.99, Ages 4+)


Plug It In & Play: Hero Portal
New from JAKKS Pacific comes the next generation in Plug It In and Play TV Games™: Hero Portal! Select your favorite hero, place them on the portal and instantly punch, kick, and jump your way through 6 levels of an action-packed video game. Swap in different heroes to complete different challenges, discover secret levels, and unlock special powers. As with all of JAKKS’ TV Games titles, the Hero Portal simply plugs into the A/V jacks of any standard TV and contains all the games with no additional consoles or software required. Choose your hero and get started! (SRP $39.99, Ages 8+)

Spy Net Covert Ops
Spy Net™, the award-winning spy gear line from JAKKS Pacific, is excited to release its all-new military focused COVERT OPS™ line, based on technology currently being used in combat today.
Keep in contact in the field with the Covert Ops™ Vibrosonic Walkie Talkies. These state of the art, hands-free headsets (includes 2) use simulated bone-conductive technology to allow users to hear sounds without earphones or speakers! (SRP $39.99, Ages 8+).

The Covert Ops™ Tactical Cam + Night Vision Goggles offer cutting edge technology and a role-play experience all in one. These military style goggles have a head-mounted video camera featuring a 180 degree swivel mount to see behind you, as well as a removable video camera that allows you to see over walls and around corners while remaining hidden. The goggles offer 5 vision modes, including night vision and simulated thermal vision as well as video recording and photographing capabilities. (SRP $49.99, Ages 8+)

The Covert Ops™ Bot Remote Control Vehicle & Video Camera is an ultra-durable, shock-resistant spy gadget based on real military prototypes. It allows the user to throw the camera up to 30 feet and then maneuver it 360 degrees upon landing to capture video surveillance. This incredible technology also enables boys to watch the video feed live from the controller. (SRP $59.99, Ages 8+).

New York Toy Fair is mere DAYS away, so keep checking back for more!
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  1. Was there any coverage/products from Jakks Pacific regarding there Winx Club brand,any new dolls/toys shown at Toy Fair?

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  2. Do you know if the 2.5 inch nintendo figures are articulated? I hadn't heard about jakks until now, how's the quality in their figures?
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