Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: Mezco's Sons of Anarchy Action Figures & More

Late last night, as we watched a sheet of ice settle over New Jersey, New York, and all of Westros ( know...winter was coming...), we thought we'd give you a quick preview of the merchandise Mezco would be showing off at their headquarters today..come hell or high water! Today, Photographer and professional ninja bodyguard Galaxia Siandre is on the scene to deliver the goods. Let's kick things off with the much anticipated Sons of Anarchy line!

Mezco's product lineup includes:

Bobbleheads of Clay and Jax

6 inch Action Figures of Clay and Jax in their signature looks

and Orange Prison Outfits

8 inch Plush of Clay, Jax, Robert Munson and Opie

Pillows in three different designs

Tin Signs
Leather Vest and traditional keychains


Mez-itz Keychains of Clay, Jax, Robert Munson and Opie

and the all important Stash Boxes.

This was just a quick taste. Plenty more to come!

New York Toy Fair is less than two weeks away, so keep checking back for more!
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  1. I want Bobby! I hope they plan on releasing the rest of the guys down the road.

  2. I want Action Figures of Bobby Munson, Filip "Chibs" Telford and Happy Lowman in 2015.

  3. We be needing the whole crew i would buy them all already got my jax and clay they seem a little lonely imagine them all on your shelf

  4. gemma and vikki want BOBBY badly we are in rehab and he will keep us clean . he is our higher power